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Anastasia Cisarovna is a human from the Primax cluster.

Anastasia Cisarovna DeCobray, the Baroness

Anastasia DeCobray (née Cisarovna) is a member of the old European aristocracy but is better known as the Baroness, one of the highest ranking officers in the terrorist organization known as Cobra. A master of disguise, Baroness has proven to be a highly-valued asset for Cobra. As a high-ranking officer, the Baroness has occasionally rose to the head of Cobra, sometimes taking the title of the Serpentress. While she often is in a romantic relationship with Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, she has been involved with many other men including the Cobra Commander.

Primax 514.3 Gamma (Transformers vs. G.I. Joe)

The Baroness was a member of the terrorist organization known as Cobra based at Koh-Buru-Lah. When G.I. Joe launched an attack on the facility, the Baroness and Cobra Commander fled in a Rattler. The jet was overtaken by Snake Eyes who stabbed Cobra Commander and the jet later blew up thanks to G.I. Joe.[1] The Baroness survived the incident and took control of Cobra as Cobra Commander was too wounded to lead. The Baroness took up the title of Serpentress. Immediately, she changed the Cobranomicon to favor her rule.

Serpentress kisses the Cobra Commander, Cybertron.

Once the Decepticons attacked G.I. Joe and faced defeat, Serpentress scooped up Laserbeak and Rumble in her flying warship and granted them sanctuary.[2] Not long afterwards, Serpentress formed an alliance with the Decepticons, creating Decepticobra. Serpentress essentially led Decepticobra but due to the nature of the alliance, she really had control over the former Cobra forces rather than the few Decepticons in her ranks.

The Serpentress making contact with Decepticons, Earth.

After receiving reports that Hawk of G.I. Joe died, the Serpentress ordered an attack on the USS Flagg. However, the funeral was a farce as Hawk came from his coffin opening fire on Decepticobra. The battle went poorly and Serpentress ordered a retreat back to their new headquarters, Decepticobracropolis. She sent Destro through their M.A.S.S Device to make contact with the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron.[3] Destro later returned with a gun gifted from Megatron and the Serpentress and Destro decided to use it on the vegetative Cobra Commander so that he would not be able to return. Upon arrived at the Commander's bed, they found that the man was not the real Cobra Commander.[4]

As Cybertron began to approach Earth and General Flagg proposed attacking Cybertron with nuclear weapons to the United Nations, Serpentress led Decepticobra in a seizure of the United Nations building. However, her speech to the United Nations was interrupted due to a nearby battle between Optimus Prime and G.I. Joe which caused Serpentress to order Decepticobra to attack.The battle expanded into a free-for-all with Decepticobra, G.I. Joe, and UN-backed GIJOENIN. When Optimus Prime left the field, the battle ended as well as the combatants pulled back.[5]

The Cobra Commander's son, Billy, joined Cobra and asked Serpentress if he could meet his father. Serpentress instead sent Billy after the man who had 'killed' his father, Snake Eyes.[6]

Following the death of Earth, the Serpentress moved to Cybertron and celebrated what appeared to be a Decepticobra victory. Megatron joined the feat and ate the G.I. Joe member Skidmark. As the Cobra members ate, they realized that their chef, the G.I. Joe agent Roadblock, had poisoned their food. The agent would later escape.[7]

Later on, Cobra Commander returned and met with the Serpentress. The two removed their masks and Serpentress learned that the commander was a snake-man. The two kissed immediately afterwards. Later, the Serpentress had Crystal Ball tell her of her future where he predicted that she would have a half snake half human son that would be the true Cobra Emperor and would have his father's eyes.[8] As the largest battle of Space War I broke out, Serpentress joined the battle. The battle ended in a large defeat for Cobra and the Serpentress took up the mantle of the Baroness once more and fled to Venus where she was pregnant with her child.[9]

Primax 703.02 (G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers)

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Primax 903.04 Gamma (Transformers/G.I. Joe)

The Baroness during the Battle of the Fera Islands, 1939 CE.

In 1939 CE, the Baroness was a high-ranking officer of Cobra and could be found at the side of the Cobra Commander while she was in the Fera Islands after Cobra had made an alliance with the Decepticons. Baroness was skeptical when Destro proposed sending their forces to the Fera Islands in preparation for an American attack though the move was a good one as the American unit G.I. Joe attacked afterwards.[10] As the Battle of the Fera Islands continued, the Baroness would remain at the Commander's side when he criticized Decepticon commander Megatron for using Cobra's human resources to load Energon Cubes in an evacuation. Though Baroness threatened to shoot Megatron with an explosive round, Cobra Commander put Megatron back in line with the Matrix, a Cybertronian artifact.[11]

When one of the G.I. Joe officers was captured, the Baroness participated in the torturing of him to know how many soldiers were under his command.[12] After the interrogation, the Baroness decided to help her lover Destro with overthrowing Cobra Commander. After tricking and shooting Starscream, she went after the Matrix. Though the Baroness managed to kill the Cobra Commander, she was soon captured by Scarlett.[13]

Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US)

The Baroness was an officer in Cobra Command. In 1982 CE, she led a Cobra attack on a train to kidnap Doctor Adele Burkhart, America's greatest nuclear physicist. She brought her to Cobra Island in the Caribbean. The Baroness was with Cobra Commander while he was interrogating Burkhart. However, a group of Cobra soldiers came in from battle as G.I. Joe had attacked the island. The Baroness wanted to kill the hostage, but Cobra Commander refused and instead decided to rely on the strength of Cobra's military. G.I. Joe continued to make pushes on the island and the Baroness continued to push for a policy of eliminating the hostage but Cobra Commander again refused. Cobra Commander sent the Baroness out disguised as Burkhart to distract G.I. Joe. Stalker captured her, but he soon realized that it was only a distraction. The Baroness managed to escape and took a plane with Cobra Commander to flee the battlefield.[14]

The two fled to another Cobra Headquarters where much later, the Cobra Commander used models of G.I. Joe for target practice as guided by the Baroness when a Viper arrived and reported that the G.I. Joe MOBAT tank was going to partake in the Armed Forces Day Parade in New York City. In order to take the tank, Cobra Commander ordered a deployment to the parade. The area underneath the very feet of the observing American military officials became the camp for Cobra and the Baroness observed as Cobra Commander attempted to direct forces to take the tank. The operations were a failure and the MOBAT tank learned of Cobra's location, crashing into the observation post. The Baroness and Cobra Commander were able to escape by using Girl Scouts as shields.[15]

In 1983 CE, Cobra decided to focus on taking out a satellite that was poised to launch from Cape Canaveral as the satellite would be able to detect Cobra's bases throughout the world. The Baroness was stationed on the Cobra Undersea Base to help coordinate the operation to destroy the satellites with Cobra Commander. The Baroness and Cobra Commander briefed their forces on the frontal assault that would be made on the satellite and the two observed the assault from afar. The two then took the Cobra Copter to the front lines to rally the forces, but G.I. Joe began to beat down Cobra forces and the satellite launched, they returned to the Undersea Base. Cobra launched a missile at the satellite, though G.I. Joe took it down. G.I. Joe began to storm the Undersea Base and the two fled on a boat. As G.I. Joe forces were floating after the destruction of the base, the two tried to run them down with their boat but Zap fired and destroyed their ship. The two then boarded an underwater plane and finally fled the battlefield.[16]

The Baroness would later be put in charge of Springfield, the town Cobra had taken over. When G.I. Joe forces were detected, the Baroness captured them and transformed her headquarters into an aircraft to escape any other Joes on the ground. Cobra Commander, the Baroness, and Doctor Venom met and Venom explained that he was trying to find the location of G.I. Joe headquarters by interrogating Snake Eyes through reading his mind. However, their operations failed and G.I. Joe managed to escape.[17]

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Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

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Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)

Anastasia leaves the DeCobray Estate

Early History

As a young woman, Anastasia DeCobray was an aristocrat in a wealthy family. Following the death of her brother, Anastasia was saddened. However, she was still required to make public appearances at the parties hosted by her father for other members of the aristocratic class. During one party, she learned that she was to be married to one Lord Alberti. This enraged her and caused her to leave the DeCobray Estate after some parting words with her mother.

Anastasia enrolled in classes in Rome, but one day she was stuck in a crowd while en route to class. She came upon leftist revolutionary Umberto Gaspare of the Red Hand terrorist group. After his speech, Anastasia introduced herself to Umberto and later came to a Red Hand meeting and convinced Umberto to allow her into the Red Hand by pawning off some of her former riches. They later began to sleep together and began a romantic relationship. Umberto trained Anastasia the ways of a terrorist so that she could one day execute the members of the noble class she was born into. She even began the habit of exposing herself to a variety of agents so that she could build a natural immunity against them.

Around 2002 CE, Anastasia would return to the DeCobray Estate with Umberto and rigged the estate with explosives. While in the Estate, she had a final argument with her parents and, after leaving, she hesitantly detonated the explosives and watched the Estate burn. Her relationship with Umberto would continue alongside various missions to upset the upper class. That is, until one meeting in Morocco after Anastasia had finished a mission. Umberto revealed that he was leaving on a mission that was too dangerous for her and was too dangerous to stay in contact for the duration of the mission. This effectively ended their relationship.

The Baroness infiltrating the Hague, 2005 CE

After Umberto, Anastasia went around the world attempting to spark revolution by training soldiers in Syria, participating in riots in Paris, assassinating people in Madrid and London, making deals in Moscow, fighting in Bangkok and Serbia, participating in arms deals in Pakistan, and assassinating officers in Athens. One night in Berlin, she found herself being tailed. She interrogated her stalker who committed suicide upon being detected. She found another stalker and chased him to an abandoned warehouse full of arms, explosives, and other hired thugs. After defeating them in combat, Anastasia was told by one of their numbers that the whole charade was a test to see if she was worthy for Cobra, a secret terrorist organization. As a result of this meeting, Anastasia joined Cobra under the alias of the Baroness. She scored a six on the Lome Test and rose through Cobra's ranks, becoming a member of high command.

Baroness, Agent of Cobra, 2005 CE

In 2005 CE, Baroness was in Capetown, South Africa with her underlings when she learned that Umberto Haspare was captured and was being held in the Hague. Deciding to tie this loose end, the Baroness went to the Netherlands and executed her former lover.[18] A valuable asset to Cobra, the Baroness received the power to recruit others into Cobra. One of the more notable recruits she managed to grab was Major Sebastian Bludd, a reputable mercenary. Though Baroness recruited him into Cobra herself, she looked down on him for his mindset of being a worker rather than taking a distant leadership position. She decided to station him at Section 10, a Cobra gulag in Russia.[19]

Baroness also attempted to recruit a warrior from Nanzhao whom Major Bludd had dubbed "Krake." Krake had been doing significant digging for evidence of Cobra's existence. Wanting this digging to cease, the Baroness met Krake (after he had been beaten by Cobra Vipers) and offered him membership in Cobra. However, Krake refused and fought back against the Baroness, prompting the Baroness to have Krake rendered unconscious and dumped in the street.

Nevertheless, Krake eventually found his way on the path to being employed by Cobra once more. Baroness and Bludd introduced Krake to Cobra Commander via video conference where Krake revealed his plan to bring the Chinese Triads into Cobra's influence. To support Krake, Cobra Commander offered Krake cosmetic surgery from Cobra's surgeons but Krake refused and instead opted to have his own surgeons do the procedure. Baroness and Bludd would not meet Krake again until Krake met the two in Valparasio, Chile. This time, Krake was wearing a new suit with a mask to protect his identity. At this meeting, Krake provided the Baroness with information of the Triads that ensured that they would answer to Cobra. Krake was offered membership within Cobra once more but Krake made a condition. The condition was that he would join Cobra after he assassinated the drug lord known as Uncle Ho. Following Uncle Ho's assassination, Krake was brought into Cobra. The Baroness was skeptical over Cobra Commander's affinity towards Krake and she predicted that Krake would one day betray Cobra.[20] Krake would remain vital to the organization and Baroness was present when Krake recruited Mad Monk into the numbers of Cobra.[21]

The M.A.S.S. Debacle, 2008 CE

Baroness rescues Zartan from police in France, 2008 CE.

The Baroness was based in Côte d'Azur by 2008 CE with the task of tying up loose ends for Cobra. The special agent known as Zartan was her secret weapon in meeting her goals and because of Zartan's efficiency, the Baroness rose in the favor of the Cobra Council. In one incident, the Baroness used Zartan to ensure that President Rumanapar would not change his trading policies that already benefited Cobra. After the successful mission, the Baroness paid Zartan one million Euros and gave him a prostitute. Zartan later got into a scuffle with French criminals and the Baroness had to rescue Zartan from the police. As a punishment, the Baroness decided to give Zartan to M.A.R.S. Industries at Castle Destro in Buenos Aires as Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV needed a test subject to use with the M.A.S.S. Device, a machine that could teleport material for Cobra. The experiment failed and Destro reported that Zartan managed to infiltrate a villa to kill the loose end Nicodemus Mandrilobus but disintegrated upon arriving at the villa.[22]

Following Destro's failure, the Baroness infiltrated Castle Destro and confronted Destro over the failed mission with Zartan and how M.A.R.S Industries still had not provided a working product for Cobra.[23][24] The Baroness was defeated and imprisoned in the castle's luxurious dungeon.[25] Visited by Destro, the Baroness learned that there was an American military unit that was threatening the plans of Cobra. However, the most important issue was that of the M.A.S.S. Device which Destro gave a demonstration of at dinner. The Baroness cooperated as she believed that the necklace Destro had put on her was explosive.[26] Destro demonstrated the power of M.A.S.S. Device by transporting himself to the current hideout of Mandrilobus. However, Destro quickly returned as he was met with resistance from the very American military unit he had warned the Baroness about. The M.A.S.S. Device malfunctioned on the return trip and Destro was melted into his armor.[27]

A Viper unit sent by the Cobra Council freed the Baroness and the Baroness immediately set about taking over the castle, seizing Destro and his research as well as his two assistants Roderick MacDougall and Glynis Lea MacDougall so that Destro could perfect the M.A.S.S. Device under her direct supervision.[28] While in transit to Section Zero in the Arctic Circle, the Baroness made contact with Cobra Commander and reported her current status. The Commander was particularly upset over the death of Zartan.[29] Though Destro complained about wanting more autonomy in his work, the Baroness refused his request[30] and the unit finally came to Section Zero where the Baroness introduced Destro to Doctor Mindbender, his new partner.[31]

Baroness learns that she was betrayed by Copperback, Section Zero, 2008 CE

Mindbender and Destro's constant bickering ultimately prompted the Baroness to let the MacDougall siblings free to assist Destro. A test run of the M.A.S.S. Device was executed where a Cobra defector was used as the guinea pig but the experiment resulted in the Viper disintegrating.[32] Enraged at the fact that Destro was now responsible for the deaths of two Cobra operatives, the Baroness drew her gun on Destro. Destro proved his loyalty to Cobra by grabbing her gun and killing Roderick as repayment. Destro would ensure to the Baroness that the M.A.S.S. Device would be functional in three days and that all he needed was Dr. Gerald Orizama, a brilliant scientist who could complete the M.A.S.S. Device. In order to ensure that Orizama would be abducted, Destro informed the Baroness of the approximate location of the base for the American military unit that had been ruining Cobra affairs lately: A desert in Nevada.[33]

With this new information, the Baroness sent her personal agent Blacklight to retrieve Orizama with his own unit.[34] However, the mission was much too public for the Baroness but Destro assured her that the benefits of the M.A.S.S. Device would be worth the risk upon the arrival or Orizama. As Blacklight was still stuck in the field, the Baroness ordered him to fall back before he was compromised. Orizama instantly had proposals to improve the M.A.S.S. Device and soon afterwards the Baroness witnessed a successful operation in which Vipers were transported in and out of a bank in Zurich in a heist for money. With M.A.S.S. up and running, the Baroness refused to give Destro a chance to use the device to free himself from his armor. The Baroness sent Doctor Mindbender to work on his original research on the Tachyon Project and allowed Dr. Orizama to join Cobra.[35]

Not long after the M.A.S.S. Device was made functional, the Baroness was surprised with an inspection from Cobra Commander via drone. If the Commander was not convinced that she was making progress, she would be killed. The Baroness was doubly surprised when the Commander referenced her planned mission to attack the American unit in Nevada. Both Destro and Glynis MacDougall interrupted to profess their usefulness to Cobra but Cobra Commander still decided to send Destro to Section 10. As the inspection continued, Baroness received reports of Viper snipers posted near the perimeter of Section Zero and she sent her own Vipers through the M.A.S.S. Device behind the Commander's Vipers, killing them. While Cobra Commander was impressed, he decided that the Baroness would be relocated at Section Prime and that Glynis would replace her at Section Zero under the alias of Copperback. The Baroness realized that Copperback had leaked the information about the Nevada mission to the Commander and was enraged.[36]

Cobra Commander's Right Hand, 2008-2009 CE

Though she was reigned in by the Cobra Commander at Section Prime, the Baroness was still a ring leader with her own various agendas, mobility, and influences. The Baroness made contact with Major Bludd and encouraged him to kill her rival, Destro.[37] The Baroness was also allowed to use M.A.S.S. in a successful mission to kidnap assets to Cobra. The Baroness also had her half-sister Erika le Tene moved to a position at Section Prime. While being romantically involved with one of the Vipers at a Cobra outpost in Baltimore, she admitted that she kept Erika around because she needed a reminder of who she once was.[38] However, having Erika le Tene at Section Prime was a double-edged sword as in one incident le Tene had a breakdown and hid in the restroom. The Baroness went and talked le Tene back up as le Tene's poor mental stability and performance was reflecting upon herself as well.[39]

The Baroness eventually received reports from the Cobra naval operative Captain Vicuna that the Dreadnaught had sunk because of the American military unit which was now known as G.I. Joe. The Baroness received reports that the ship was still operational and Cobra Commander ordered Vicuna to take back the boat. The Commander then told the Baroness to come to his quarters later as there would be a change in Cobra hierarchy. The Baroness was not enthused to learn that Destro had been promoted.[40] Initially, a fight broke out between the two, but they calmed down with an intervention by Cobra Commander.[41]

Baroness engaging infected B.A.T.s in Cottomouth, 2009 CE.

In 2009 CE, the Baroness led an assault on a small ship that carried three G.I. Joe members. While two would be killed, the G.I. Joe agent Psyche Out and the cargo of the ship were brought to the underwater Cobra research facility, Cottonmouth. A cybernetic arm was found in the cargo and the Baroness, alongside the Interrogator, interrogated Psyche Out over what the arm was. In reality, the arm was from the greater Megaverse that had been transported into Primax 1005.19 Gamma. When she did not receive a satisfactory answer, the Baroness gave the arm to Dr. Elizabeth Zych who was creating the B.A.T.s for Cobra. The Baroness continued her interrogation and Psyche Out revealed that the arm took over their technology back at their G.I. Joe facility and turned the base against them. Shortly after the interrogation, the Baroness received reports that gunfire had been heard in the facility. Indeed, the facility was under attack by the arm.[42] The Baroness, the Interrogator, Psyche Out, a Viper, and eventually Dr. Jacob Mitchell formed a group and defended themselves from rogue B.A.T.s and zombified animals. Psyche Out and Mitchell decided to find Dr. Zych who likely connected the arm to the system. The Baroness, the Interrogator, and the Viper provided a distraction for the two before falling back. Though the escape submarines were dysfunctional, the Baroness killed the Viper to conserve oxygen and she and the Interrogator managed to escape the facility using an Eel tank.[43] The two would not be allowed to speak of the infestation at the facility.

Baroness and Cobra Commander debate the destruction of Section Zero, Section Prime, 2009 CE.

The Baroness returned to Section Prime and would soon receive reports that Section Zero had fallen under attack. Cobra Commander decided to destroy Section Zero despite the fact that doing so would cut off Section Sabine, Cobra's colony on the Moon, from the rest of the Earth. The Baroness debated this move with Cobra Commander but the Commander calmed her down by giving her permission to earn back her reputation by building a new M.A.S.S. Device with Destro.[44] Since the Baroness needed Dr. Orizama to complete a new M.A.S.S. Device, she called in for Orizama's status and ordered the retreating Cobra forces to turn around and secure him. However, Copperback later reported that Orizama had been killed by a G.I. Joe agent.

The Baroness met with Cobra Commander after the fall of Section Zero and the Commander informed her that they were moving to Section Twenty in the Kurils.[45] At Section Twenty, the Baroness was cautious to trust Chuckle's change of heart when the G.I. Joe agent was admitted into the ranks of Cobra by the command of the Cobra Commander.[46] The Baroness attended meetings with the Commander, Tomax Paoli, and Chuckles. She was concerned over the personality change that had happened in Tomax's brother, Xamot.

One day, the Baroness fetched Chuckles as he was to report to the Cobra Commander. She was disgusted that he was eating lunch with a lower ranking member of Cobra and reminded him that he could dine with high command. With the Commander, Baroness witnessed Chuckles press a button that destroyed a dam which flooded an island where a pilot had seen Cobra's activity on their island.[47] Later, Baroness was with the Commander and Tomax when a Viper reported that Xamot was attacked by Chuckles. Cobra Commander demanded to see Chuckles.[48]

Very soon afterwards, the Baroness fell victim to some sort of agent but managed to stay conscious. Instead of falling asleep, the Baroness chose to inspect her troops when Tomax arrived and reported that Chuckles had poisoned high command and assassinated Cobra Commander. The Baroness secured the Commander's body and closed off the exits. When the Baroness deduced that Chuckles was going to use a nuclear submarine to destroy the island, the Baroness quickly ordered an immediate evacuation of the Commander's body and high command, including herself. The island was destroyed in a nuclear explosion shortly afterwards.[49]

The Cobra Civil War and Krake's Administration, 2009 CE

Baroness preparing for a mission to Panama during the Cobra Civil War, 2009 CE.

Though the Baroness believed that Cobra Commander could be more inspiring as a dead man rather than when he was alive[50], she still remained loyal to her former Commander. The Baroness flew the plane away from the Kuril Islands before bailing out with the other Cobra forces over land. The plane was destroyed, destroying the remains of Cobra Commander. The Baroness then received word from the Cobra Council that there would be a contest to decide the who would become the next Cobra Commander: Whoever eliminated the largest number of Cobra's enemies or deals them the most crippling blows will be made the next Cobra Commander. Along with informing the rest of Cobra that the Commander was dead, the Baroness relayed that message of competition to the contestants of the contest, of which she was included.[51] So began the Cobra Civil War.

The Baroness deployed Blacklight on a mission to assassinate various members of G.I. Joe in Panama.[52] The Baroness herself went to a party in Ecuador and killed an arms dealer who owed Cobra. After taking back the money the dealer owed, the Baroness returned to Cobra headquarters where Serpentor and Major Bludd were located. Baroness scolded Bludd for being idle in the war before leaving to receive a report from Blacklight. She learned that Blacklight was wounded. Disappointed in Blacklight, the Baroness decided to go to Panama herself with a platoon of Vipers to kill the Joes. Baroness briefly met with the Cobra Council who were disappointed in her low kill count before she prepared to deploy to Panama. However, she found that most of the Vipers were deployed with Major Bludd in Russia and that the other Vipers were the guard of Rodrigo Vargas. The Baroness killed a Viper and ordered Vargas to leave. Serpentor talked Baroness out of going to Panama by revealing that he had an inside man in G.I. Joe.[53] The Baroness watched Serpentor's attacks on G.I. Joe with his underling Croc Master which impressed the Baroness.[54]

Baroness destroying the home of a Cobra Council member, the Pyrenees, 2009 CE.

Still determined to win the war, the Baroness went to Paris where a clone of her former special agent Zartan provided her with information on a secret G.I. Joe installation in Bear Lake, Maine. Baroness led a team that infiltrated the facility and waited until G.I. Joe arrived. In the resulting battle, the Americans gained the upper hand and the Baroness was captured while her soldiers fled.[55]

The Baroness was loaded onto a G.I. Joe helicopter and brought to Springfield, a testing ground for the newer B.A.T. forces. While inside Springfield Savings, the Baroness explained to Flint of the danger that they were in just as the B.A.T. attacked the Joes outside.[56] They retreated deeper into a vault where the Baroness was restrained and had a subcutaneous chip removed that told the B.A.T. that she wasn't a target. The B.A.T. was later heavily bombed with an air strike and another G.I. Joe force arrived and freed the group trapped in the vault.[57] The United States Army began to transport the Baroness to another place to hold her when Krake's forces freed her. Krake rendered her unconscious to live with the embarrassment of how the Civil War would end. The Baroness would be allowed to recuperate in her room while the Cobra Council announced the winner of the Cobra Civil War- Krake.[58]

As Cobra Commander, Krake began a new policy to prepare Cobra to come into the light. The Baroness supported this motion unlike her fellow Cobra members Crystal Ball and Serpentor. Baroness would be in charge of making sure that Cobra chemical weapons facilities in Mexico would produce defoliants[59] as well as the study of the supernatural. The Baroness visited the Snake Pit, a facility for the mentally insane members of Cobra. The Baroness received a report from Dr. Llund of a strange artifact that served as a doorway to outside the universe. The Baroness decided to have Llund work on finding a way to weaponize the artifact for Cobra under the condition that she started her work after she left the facility as she did not want to be involved with another situation like the one at Cottomouth.[60] How right she was. After the Baroness left the facility, the Elder Gods from TransWarp Space tried to invade Primax 1005.19 Gamma at the Snake Pit. The Baroness met with the Interrogator for a report on the incident and she learned that Crystal Ball would handle the removal of the artifact.[61]

Once Cobra was fully reorganized by Cobra Commander, Cobra launched an invasion of the nation of Nanzhao, bringing Cobra into the public light. The Baroness would be involved in the invasion.[62] She and her fellow Cobra officers would observe as G.I. Joe tried to stop their invasion. The Baroness later met with Cobra Commander who gave her the mission to annihilate the Cobra Council.[63] Starting in the Pyrenees, the Baroness interrogated a Cobra Council member for the location of the other members before assassinating him.[64] While the conflict raged in Nanzhao, the Baroness spent weeks assassinating various members of the Council across the globe. She killed the final Council member in Santa Cruz, Argentina before she fell under attack by the G.I. Joe agent Ronin. After returning to Nanzhao, Serpentor informed the Baroness that Major Bludd intended to abandon Cobra. The Baroness confronted Bludd but Bludd escaped and Tomax fled Nanzhao during the commotion.[65]

Despite the betrayals of two of Cobra's most prominent officers, Cobra was still victorious in the Nanzhao War and became a recognized state. G.I. Joe was also ousted to the public and the Baroness was sent to Washington, D.C. to make a deal with a senator. In return for ensuring that he would win his election, the senator was to make sure that G.I. Joe would face budget cuts. This senator indeed won his elections.[66]

In the Public Light, 2010 CE

As 2010 CE came around, the senator that the Baroness was in contact with was beginning to be conflicted as to whether or not to keep his end of the bargain.[67] Indeed, the senator announced that G.I. Joe did not actually exist while at a Senate hearing. In reaction to this, the Baroness infiltrated the senator's home and killed him.[68]

The Baroness and Captain Viktor Becuna on the Argo Vidale, Bermuda Tench, 2010 CE.

Despite this shake-up, the Baroness was still the right hand of the Cobra Commander and was with him in Albania while he reprimanded Serpentor who was unable to handle the Arashikage situation as the Arashikage clan had seceded from Cobra. Because Nanzhao was nuclear wasteland, Cobra's high command had to stay from country to country. The Baroness suggested that a permanent territory was needed for Cobra and sought about purchasing territory for a Cobra headquarter.[69] Her searching caused her to come to the Principality of Tryolvia where she proposed a deal with Prince Rudolph. Needing funds, the Baroness came to the Cobra Commander for support.[70] Cobra Commander set about sending money from various banks to one bank in Seychelles for the transfer and the Baroness and Cobra Commander visited Tryolvia.[71] Their tenure at the principality did not last long as the Baroness soon received reports that G.I. Joe and the Arashikage Clan had sunk a ship carrying the money needed for the transfer in the Bermuda Trench. The Baroness decided to go for a drive, perhaps to escape the eventual rage of the Commander. However, Cobra Commander sent out Vipers who sent the Baroness plummeting into a river.[72]

Now on the run from Cobra, the Baroness decided to get the money back to win her way back into Cobra's ranks. The Baroness recruited Captain Viktor Becuna at Ile de Battes and held Sir Anthony's grandchildren hostage in London for his ship, the Argo Vidale, which could carry out salvage operations. While doing so, the Baroness fell under attack by members of the Coil, Serpentor's cult. The Baroness naturally defeated the thugs and set out to sea with Captain Becuna's crew.[73]

The ship went to the Bermuda Trench[74] and began salvaging operations which caused the crew to become greedy. Their ambition even caused the Baroness to kill one of the crew to make a statement. Later on, the crew launched a mutiny at the same time both G.I. Joe and Cobra forces attacked the ship.[75] In the resulting battle, the Baroness fled on a small boat and fired a flare for rescue. To her chagrin, it was a Cobra helicopter that arrived and rescued her.[76]

The Baroness was given another chance within the ranks of Cobra and was put in command of a mission to infiltrate the United States. The Baroness led a full-scale invasion of Warrenton, Ohio. The people of the town already were discontent with their leadership and the arrival of Cobra was seen as a welcome change. A G.I. Joe unit under the command of Duke was captured in Warrenton and the Baroness intended to use Duke as the spark for a takeover of the United States just as Cobra had taken Warrenton.[77] However, Cobra first needed a Joe call-sign to inform G.I. Joe's high command that Duke's unit was safe. As Duke did not cooperate, the Baroness had Duke taken to Doctor Mindbender for brainwashing.[78] Duke eventually spoke the word "Topaz" which they believed to be the call-sign. Though they sent to call-sign to Joe headquarters, this was actually the code word for an ambush which tipped off the US government about the events in Warrenton.[79] The Baroness received reports from Destro about the movements of the US military when she found herself at gunpoint by the Joe agent Hashtag.[80] The Baroness took the gun from Hashtag and shot her but was apprehended by Duke and Cover Girl. The Baroness used a detonator to destroy Warrenton and escaped on a motorcycle. While retreating, she was condemned by Cobra Commander who took away Baroness's right to be moved to the Manhattan Station, a secret Cobra mission in Manhattan.[81]

The Baroness informs Siren of her recruitment into Cobra, 2010 CE.

Ordered to take a rest by the Commander, the Baroness went to Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands where Destro informed her that Mad Monk, the commander of the Manhattan Bureau, was a threat as he scored a one on the Lome Test and could not effectively lead. The two formed an alliance to take Monk down.[82] They continued to scheme against Monk while skeet shooting the next day using live humans as the fodder.[83] Later that evening, the two began to be romantically involved. However, Mad Monk called Destro and revealed that he was on to Destro's scheming. Suddenly, Castle Destro fell under attack by Cobra Commander who had learned of Destro's treachery.[84] Cobra Commander made the Baroness choose to either stay with Destro as a traitor or to come to the side of Cobra once more and the Baroness chose Cobra. However, during the confusion of the battle, the Baroness managed to help Destro escape while assuring him that she'll eventually convince Cobra Commander to allow Destro back into their ranks.[85]

The Baroness would be partnered with a woman named Mary Craft who joined Cobra in order to track down a human trafficking ring that had kidnapped her son. Cobra Commander agreed to help her find her son in exchange for her helping Cobra by telling the world of Cobra's history. The first lead on the trail was in Somalia and so the two ambushed Somali pirates in the search of Abdi Zakaria. Craft told the story of a Cobra Commander in the early 18th century who was a pirate. After the story, the Baroness used dynamite to destroy a village in order to intimidate the pirates to hand over Zakaria. Once Zakaria was found, they interrogated him and Craft told the story of the Cobra Commander of 1915. Zakaria told them that the Yakuza would know where his captain was and the Baroness killed him afterwards. While en route to Tokyo, Craft told the Baroness the story of the Cobra Commander of the 1960s.[86]

Once in Tokyo, the Baroness and Craft met the Yakuza and Craft told the story of the Cobra Commander of the mid-19th Century. After meeting the Yakuza, the Baroness noted that Craft was liking her new role. With information from the Yakuza, the Baroness launched an attack on a trafficking ship which allowed Mary to be briefly reunited with her son, Isaac. However, the Baroness separated them once more and had Isaac undergo training with Cobra to ensure that Mary Craft, now with the code name Siren, would stay in Cobra, as ordered by Cobra Commander. While on the plane back to headquarters, the Baroness told Siren to tell the story of Dante's Inferno which was in reality a metaphor of Cobra by Dante.[87]

Schleteva-Galibi War, 2015 CE

In 2015 CE, Cobra intervened in the Schleteva-Galibi War. At this point, Tomax was the leader of Cobra. The Baroness reported to Tomax at the Cobra Consulate in London. While meeting, Siren arrived and the three talked about how to handle the intervention without provoking an international response.[88] The Baroness would later check up on Siren before leaving the Consulate, arriving at a Cobra Safe House in Marseilles, France where she interviewed a Cobra soldier over Isaac Craft who was sparking an international incident between Schleteva and Galibi.[89] The Baroness then went to Valle Ciminello in northern Italy where the Italians were protesting the United States military base there. The Baroness sniped one of the protesters, causing chaos and spreading rumors that the US Military shot her. This would distract Tomax from Schleteva to allow the Baroness to pursue Isaac Craft.[90] Returning to London, the Baroness found that Siren was collaborating with G.I. Joe.[91] The Baroness kept an eye on Siren as she stole files from Tomax's computer. Siren left the consulate and the Baroness saw on the news that Isaac Craft uploaded footage of Cobra troops opening fire on separatist fighters. Siren returned to the Consulate and the Baroness continued to keep an eye on her.[92]

Prisoner of War, 2017 CE

The Baroness imprisoned in the Lemuria, 2017 CE.

When Cobra fell, Baroness went on her own way. At some point, after reckless driving in Monaco, Monaco police officers found her and engaged her. Although it took half the police force to bring her down, they did manage to arrest her. With the help from both the French and American intelligence agencies, the Baroness was transferred over to Scarlett of G.I. Joe. By 2017 CE, the Baroness was imprisoned in G.I. Joe's newest headquarters, a refurbished Decepticon warship that had been rechristened as the Lemuria. Only the G.I. Joe commander, Scarlett, knew of Baroness's internment on the ship, a ship that Baroness hated as all she could eat were algae-based food and other distasteful seafood. She was interrogated by Scarlett over whether or not Cobra was reforming due to Cobra activity in Athens but the Baroness refused to talk if she even knew anything at all.[93] Those who knew of the Baroness's location expanded after Scarlett informed Roadblock of her imprisonment while watching over her sleep.[94]

Ironhide, report to me at once!

This article covers information that is ongoing and may not yet be up-to-date.

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