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The term Cybertronian refers to those originating from Cybertron. For other uses of the term, click here.

The term "Cybertronian" refers to any species originating from Cybertron or a native of Cybertron and its extremities. Cybertronians come in many shapes, sizes, and biological makeup.

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Intelligent Life

Cybertron houses much life on its mass, including life capable of intelligent capabilities.


See also: Transformer

While it is possible for Transformers to develop elsewhere in the universe, the primary home of the Transformers is Cybertron. The dominant lifeforms of the planet, the term "Cybertronian" and the term "Transformer" are often used interchangeably without incorrect usages. In some universes, Transformers can be divided down even further into Autobots, Decepticons, Mini-Cons, Maximals, Predacons, and more as they remain biologically separate. However, there are many universes where being an Autobot or Decepticon is an ideological choice rather than a racial status.


See also: Demon

In some universes, the Demons live on Cybertron as the counter-reaction to the creation of the Transformers. Despite their primal status, they have enough intelligent capacity to speak.

Unintelligent Life

Cybertron houses many forms of unintelligent wildlife. They are largely called Mechanimals.

  • Alloygators- Alloygators are tough and live in acid pools. They can be weaponized.
  • Antroid- Cybertronian equivalent of ants.
  • Astro tick- Cybertronian equivalent of ticks.
  • Bolt-bat- Cybertronian equivalent of bats. They can be weaponized and domesticated. They are also native to Nebulos.
  • Bot-spider- Native to some Cybertrons in the multiverse, the Bot-spider is a parasite originally from Unicron's immune system that can feed off of Transformers.
  • Brontobot- Cybertronian equivalent of a small brontosaurus. They can be domesticated.
  • Cougaraider- Cybertronian equivalent of a cougar. Can be reformatted into a Transformer.
  • Cyro-Condor- Cybertronian equivalent of a condor. Can be reformatted into a Transformer and weaponized.
  • Cybercat- Cybertronian equivalent of a cat. Can be domesticated.
  • Cyber-dog- Cybertronian equivalent of a dog. Can be domesticated.
  • Cyber-duck- Cybertronian equivalent of a duck.
  • Cyber-tick- Cybertronian equivalent of a tick. Can control a Transformer by biting them.
  • Cyberfly-Cybertronian equivalent of a fly. Attracted to oil.
  • Cybertronian butterfly- Cybertronian equivalent of a butterfly.
  • Cybertronian jellyfish- Despite its name, it is not an aquatic creature. It "swims" through the air deep underground. If startled, they will release an electromagnetic pulse, though they are usually peaceful.
  • Dexi-squirrel- Cybertronian equivalent of a squirrel
  • Driller- Sub-level species of giant worm.
  • Dynmetal duck- Equivalent to a duck.
  • Electric bat- Cybertronian equivalent of a bat. Lives underneath the surface. May be a Trans-Organic.
  • Electro-toad- Cybertronian equivalent to a toad.
  • Energy leech- Leeches that consume Energon from Transfomers. Also present on Chaar.
  • Frizz-rat- Cybertronian equivalent to a rat
  • Glitch mouse- Cybertronian equivalent of mice.
  • Ground crawler- Small Cybertronian slugs that may burrow underground.
  • Guinea pigatron- Cybertronian equivalent of a Guinea pig.
  • Harinezumi- Large Cybertronian rats. May be Trans-Organic.
  • Helio-hamster- Cybertronian equivalent to a hamster.
  • Hellhound- Cybertronian equivalent of a dog. May be domesticated and weaponized.
  • Hydro-weasel- Cybertronian equivalent of a weasel.
  • Hyenabot- Cybertronian equivalent of a hyena. Also present on Animatron. They are famous for their laugh.
  • Insecticon- In some universes, the Insecticons are small, souless creatures. They can be trained and weaponized.
  • Lilleth- Cybertronian bird species.
  • Machadron- Species that turns into a small tank.
  • Mech-tick- Cybertronian tick
  • Mecho-gnat- Cybertronian gnat.
  • Nano-flea- Cybertronian flea
  • Nano-gnat- Cybertronian gnat
  • Nitrotiger- Cybertronian tiger. Can be domesticated, weaponized, and given the ability to Transform.
  • Nosoron- Cybertronian Rhino. Can be domesticated. \
  • Oxide Shark- Lives in the Rust Sea. Has a green and purple color scheme.
  • Photovoltaic pussycat- Calm species of cat. Generates electrical energy by converting electromagnetic radiation produced from nearby stars. This becomes direct-current electricity through semiconductors.
  • Pidgeonoid- Cybertronian bird.
  • Pneuma-lion- Cybertronian lion
  • Razor snake- Cybertronian venomous snake
  • Retrorat- Cybertronian rat
  • Robo-chicken- Cybertronian equivalent of a chicken. Also present on Velocitron.
  • Robo-minnow- Cybertronian aquatic lifeform
  • Robot-rat- Cybertronian rat
  • Robotopossum- Cybertronian Possum
  • Rustbug- Cybertronian pest that eats at Transformers and transforms into a wheel.
  • Scrapmetal- A Terrorcon parasite, the Scrapmetals have various origins.
  • Sheepacron- Cybertronian sheep
  • Sheepitron- Cybertronian sheep
  • Sonicondor- Cybertronian condor
  • Space slug- Large-scale version of Ground Crawlers. Can be weaponized. They have limited intelligence and live in the deeper areas of Cybertron.
  • Spider- Cybertronian equivalent of a spider. Can be weaponized.
  • SpiderBot- Cybertronian three-legged spider. Bunches up when alarmed.
  • Swarm- Not to be confused with any other term "Swarm", this swarm refers to a hostile flying insect-like creature on Cybertron.
  • Titanium moosebot- Cybertronian moose
  • Tungsten-turkey- Cybertronian turkey
  • Turbofox- Cybertronian fox that can be weaponized or domesticated. They are often hunted for sport.
  • Zap-mouse- Cybertronian mice
  • Zap-pony- Friendly Cybertronian horses that transform into motorcycles.

In addition, the Trans-Organics live on some Cybertrons where the Quintessons created the Transformers. They include:

  • Dweller