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Deathcobra is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

A member of the Breastforce, Deathcobra is a loyal Decepticon who fights with honor.

Primax -408.24 Epsilon (Shattered Glass)

In 2009 CE, Deathcobra was a Decepticon soldier under the command of Megatron on Earth and, in one occasion, allowed Aquarius, Breakaway, Topspin, and Landquake entrance into the Decepticon base.[1]

Primax 785.06 Alpha (Japanese G1 Cartoon)

Deathcobra on Micro, 2025 CE

During the Third Cybertronian War, Deathcobra was a Decepticon Breasforce member who served loyally under the command of Leozack though he would eventually be detached from the unit. In 2025 CE, as the war raged on, Deathcobra was moved to be under the command of Leozack once again. En-route to the Thunder Arrow, Deathcobra was intercepted by fellow-Breastforce member Hellbat on Micro and explained that Deathcobra would be replacing him and that he wished for Deathcobra to leave. Deathcobra refused and fighting broke out between the two. Hellbat eventually killed Deathcobra with a shot through the Spark.[2]

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1)

Deathcobra on the Warworld, 2015 CE

Deathcobra was a Decepticon under the command of Deathsaurus during the Second Cybertronian Civil War. Eventually, Deathsaurus used a stolen Warworld to leave the Decepticon cause due to Megatron's apathy to the well being of his soldiers. Deathcobra would be a part of Deathsaurus's unit as they went across the galaxy, ravaging worlds.

After the war, In 2015 CE, the Decepticon Justice Division under the command of Tarn arrived and united forces with Deathsaurus and his Decepticons in an alliance with the purpose of eliminated Megatron who was now an Autobot officer on the ship Lost Light.[3]

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