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Delta Magnus is a Transformer from the Primax Cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Delta Magnus is an Autobot.

Primax 302.06 Gamma (Dreamwave G1)

Delta Magnus on Cybertron, 2004 CE.

In 2004 CE, Delta Magnus was part of Shockwave's cloning program on Cybertron, presumably using Ultra Magnus as his template. When the clone Sunstorm was released, Sunstorm destroyed all the clones.[1]

Primax 785.06 Alpha (Japanese G1 Cartoon)

Profile Information


Delta Magnus was an Autobot who worked as the galaxy's peacekeeper, saving the lives of many inhabitants of various planets. This gained him some form of fame even before Orion Pax had become Optimus Prime. However, he was keeping a secret.

Around 2005 CE, during the Third Cybertronian War, Delta Magnus was offered the position to become the City Commander of Autobot City, but he turned the offer down as he was afraid that the Autobots stationed on Earth, who knew Magnus since ancient times, would reveal his deep secret.[2]

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1)

Delta Magnus

Delta Magnus was a member of the House of Magnus[3] and the leader of the Primal Vanguard, the Cybertronian military branch with the mission of off-Cybertron peacekeeping created during the reign of Nova Prime. He was known for his overusing of the word "glorious."

Around 8 MYA, Delta Magnus watched over the (false) Matrix of Leadership following Nova Prime's exodus on the Ark-1, beginning a period known as the Interregnum. The Matrix of Leadership would eventually be given to Nominus Prime.[4]

When the Second Cybertronian Civil War broke out in 4 MYA, Delta Magnus joined the Autobot forces and in at least one occasion fought against a Decepticon creature alongside Optimus Prime, Skids, and his kin Ultra Magnus.[5]

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