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Depth Charge is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

After experiencing a traumatizing loss at Colony Omicron, Depth Charge has put himself on the quest to exterminate Protoform X, also known as Rampage. In his training to kill the unkillable, Depth Charge is one of the most hardened and skilled member of the Maximal ranks.

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Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Universe War

In 317 AU, Depth Charge was brought back to life by Primus and Alpha Trion on the request of Optimus Primal during the midst of the Universe War. Finding himself at the core of Cybertron, Depth Charge witnessed the revival of Rhinox. Though the two were revived to fight against Unicron, Depth Charge was outraged at Primal for playing God and ending his peace. Depth Charge explored the surface of Cybertron, finding it a techno-organic planet. Near the Rust Sea, Depth Charge found Blackarachnia attacking Rattrap and intervened. Rattrap implored Depth Charge to check what Blackarachnia was planning in the Rust Sea and Depth Charge reluctantly checked the sea where he got attacked by Piranacons that served Blackarachnia.

Depth Charge would have a change of heart and volunteered to assist King Atlas of Aurex 802.23 Alpha operate a refugee network within Unicron.[1]

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