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Derek Bright is a human from the Primax cluster.

Derek "Digger" Bright is an inventor and biologist as well as a member of the Earth Corps.

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Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

In 1992 CE, Dr. Derek "Digger" Bright was a member of the Earth Corps and designed the agency's advanced technology. The Earth Corps would later uncover what was believed to be a dinosaur skeleton encased in an amber monolith in the Big Sur National Forest and extracted the artifact and brought it to the Shore Museum in San Francisco, where the Earth Corps members were honored at a ceremony. However, the skeleton was actually the Inhumanoid D'Compose and Tendril also attacked the city, leading to a battle. Bright carried out bio-scans of Tendril during the battle and demanded a tissue sample. The battle ended with the disappearance of Tendril and D'Compose.

Bright would study the tissue sample until the Earth Corps held a meeting. Going off of an oil worker's report, Bright suggested that the Earth Corps check out the mine shaft where Tendril was first spotted.Investigating the mine, Bright found that below 50 feet deep there was a cell where Tendril was once held. Bright's tether was cut by Blackthorne Shore and an explosive cave-in left Bright trapped in the cell.

However, Bright managed to safely return to headquarters where the group compared notes from their research. The Earth Corps decided to stop the Inhumanoids from freeing their leader Metlar when Tendril attacked the base.[1]

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