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Primax 785.06 Alpha (Japanese G1 Cartoon)

Tens of thousands of years after the Great Reformatting, Diver was a soldier of the Convoy Unit under Lio Convoy. He was strong in water. At some point, they came into conflict with the unit under the command of Emperor of Destruction Galvatron. Later, Diver was stationed at the Maximal Space Station after Lio Convoy had gone missing and the unit received a notification from headquarters that they wanted a unit to investigate strange energy readings from the planet Gaia. Apache claimed leadership of the unit despite the fact that they ignored his orders, and the unit departed on the Yukikaze. Apache was left outside the ship when it launched and they brought him back in before the warp to Gaia. Once in the vicinity of Gaia, the Yukikaze fell under attack by the Galvaburg II Predacon ship from the planet. The unit departed in escape pods and the ship was shot down. Upon arriving on the planet, Diver realized that the atmosphere of the planet was fatal. Diver DNA scanned a frog as a beast mode to shield him from the radiation. He then noticed a black mist-like energy coming from the distance and he decided to find its source. Along the way, he reunited with Tasmania Kid and Scuba and later Apache and Bighorn. They arrived a the source of the energy, when the Galvaburg II arose. The Maximals fell onto the ship and were trapped by the Predacons who began to fire on them. However, a white lion arrived and saved the Maximals. The Maximals then began a retreat.[1]

Reference Notes

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