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Downshift is a Transformer from the Aurex cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Downshift is an Autobot soldier.

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Aurex 802.23 Alpha (American Unicron Trilogy Cartoon)

In 2030 CE, Downshift was in charge of defending Spark Core Access Shaft 19A in Iacon during the time Cybertron was abandoned. Ramjet and his unit launched an attack on the shaft, and Downshift was pinned against the wall. He gave out a distress signal[1]. Skyfall later arrived and helped bring Downshift down while Ramjet and Vector Prime fought around them[2]. Downshift later helped bring the wounded Skyfall to the Chamber of Alpha Trion with Vector Prime. Downshift put Skyfall on a table so the repair drones could work on him. Vector Prime explained that Skyfall was an ancient Cybertronian. Downshift began to be repaired by repair drones as Vector Prime spoke with Sentinel Maximus and the Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus of Viron 903.0 Beta. Downshift was confused that there was another Optimus Prime, and said that he didn't look like Prime. A repair drone told Downshift that in order to be completely healed, he needed to be reformatted. At this point, Vector Prime suddenly disappeared. Overrun of Aurex 402.24 Gamma spoke then, stating that Vector Prime went out to work on Earth, and explained that he was serving as the temporary replacement of the Vector Sigma[3].

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