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Erika Le Tene is a human from the Primax Cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Erika Le Tene is the half-sister of the Cobra officer known as the Baroness. Erika is generally more kindhearted than her sibling and serves with G.I. Joe under the code name Chameleon. However, he past and connections with Cobra has gained her a negative reputation and has caused a lack of trust to develop between her and her fellow Joes.

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)

Erika Le Tene grew up in Vietnam. As a young girl, she believed that anything was possible for her in her life. However, she eventually became involved with Cobra and had some sort of history with the Paoli twins. In 2008 CE, she was present at a party being held by the Cobra officer Tomax Paoli as Cobra was using the party to destabilize the economy for the region and the party was being used to distract the bankers. Le Tene visited the kitchen later on during the party and found Chuckles, an agent that Paoli had recently recruited to do his bidding. They spoke for a bit before Paoli arrived and Le Tene left back into the party. Chuckles was sent out on a mission during the party and after the party, Le Tene waited outside in the rain. When Chuckles returned, the two spoke again before they kissed.[1] The two began sleeping together shortly afterwards. While sleeping together, Erika felt his sternum vibrating in code and discovered that he was a spy. She told the Paoli Twins about his true nature immediately.

After Chuckles was wounded by a bomb during a mission, he was hospitalized and Erika visited him whenever she could, only touching him when they knew that they were alone. Shortly afterwards, Chuckles was moved to a higher station in Dubai and Erika was sent with him as his adjunct. While at Dubai, after receiving reports from Chuckles, Erika would have a meeting every week with one of the Paolis under the name of X as the twins did not want to reveal that there were two of them. Later one evening, Le Tene and Chuckles were talking and Chuckles expressed dissatisfaction with his position. Erika instead encouraged him to work harder. Later, Le Tene was giving a group of men a tour of facilities when Chuckles arrived and told her that he was ready to go all in for his work.[2] When another spy was captured by Cobra, Erika did not expect Chuckles to kill her to keep his cover. To her horror, she later received reports that was exactly what he did.

Indeed, Chuckles would be put in charge of creating Battle Android Troopers. As Chuckles immersed himself in his job and became more emotionally distant to Le Tene, their relationship eventually faded away. After one last night, Erika Le Tene left Chuckles's room but not before replacing the bullets in his gun with blanks. The next day, Chuckles launched an attack on Cobra. While Erika was at work in Tomax Paoli's officer, Chuckles burst in with Xamot at gunpoint. As the Paolis revealed the farce that was X to Chuckles, everything was revealed to Chuckles. As the Paolis began to escape, Le Tene pulled a gun on Chuckles but couldn't pull the trigger, leaving the gun behind to evacuate.[3]

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