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Malgus 1207.26 Alpha (Animated Cartoon)

First Cybertronian War
Part of the Cybertronian Wars
Date 6 BYA (Lasts for 13 million years)
Location Cybertron
Result Cybertronian victory
Cybertronians Adversaries from beyond the sky

In 6 BYA, while the Cybertronian race was still in its infancy, the planet Cybertron came under attack by an unknown army from space. The war against this technologically superior foe lasted for 13 million stellar cycles and resulted in the invaders' defeat. The war would be retroactively named the "First Cybertronian War." As a result of the war, the Cybertronian race began the Golden Age and became space-capable, colonizing the Hadeen system.[1]

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