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Flamewar is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Flamewar is a spy.

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Primax 905.22 Epsilon (Descent into Evil)

Flamewar was born as a warrior. Near the end of the Great War, Flamewar was a Decepticon agent for the Tripredacus Council and served as an undercover operative within the Autobot ranks.

Under orders from the Tripredacus Council, Flamewar observed the Battle of Ceti Alpha Seven where a group of Autobots under Ironhide were attempting to destroy the Insecticon Clone Lab under the supervision of Decepticon General Deathsaurus who was trying to revive the Decepticon Empire. As the battle went on, Flamewar received orders to intervene and Flamewar took down Ratchet and Ironhide before bidding farewell to Deathsaurus who was against the Council's intervention. Flamewar stayed on the planet and observed when the Autobots blew up Deathsaurus's cloning lab despite the fact that the clones were successful. Flamewar reported her findings to the Tripredacus Council. However, at that moment Bumblebee hacked into Flamewar's communications and revealed that he had an agent sabatoge Deathsaurus's clones to malfunction and that Bumblebee had discovered that Flamewar was the mole in the Autobot organization. In response to her ousting, the Tripredacus Council destroyed Flamewar's ship remotely.[1]

Flamewar survived the destruction of her ship and was captured by the Predacons Scourge, Max-B, and Buzz Saw who disguised themselves as Maximals and developed an environment mimicking an Autobot/Maximal Prison. Flamewar was interrogated by these Predacons but she never gave up the Decpeticon cause. Passing the tests, the three Predacons offered Flamewar a place to serve the rebel Predacon leader Megatron.[2]

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