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Frenzy is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Frenzy is a Decepticon that is partnered with his sometimes-brother Rumble.

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Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US Comic)

Frenzy was a Decepticon who could use high-pitched soundwaves to throw off an enemy's equilibrium. In 4 MYA, Frenzy was part of the crew of the Nemesis that launched in response to take down the Ark. Frenzy was part of the boarding party on the Ark and when the Ark crashed into Earth in Mount St. Hillary, Frenzy was thrown into stasis. Frenzy awoke in 1984 CE after being rebuilt with a Earth-based alternate mode. Megatron took role of his Decepticons and ordered a retreat.[1]

Primax 1005.19 Gama (IDW G1 Comics)

Four million years ago, Frenzy and his brother Rumble were miners at Orbiting Mining Outpost Croteus 12. Senator Decimus arrived and automated the mine, causing the miners to riot. The miners were put down and the survivors were put on the Longshot to go to Penal Facility H-3, including Rumble and Frenzy. They saw the miner Megatron kill an Autobot guard during the riot, and they convinced Megatron to help them take over the ship. They took the ship. After shooting down Decimus's ship, Megatron guided the ship down to Kaon[2]. When the Forge was established in Kaon, Rumble and Frenzy took up positions in the inner circle of Clench, the leader of the Forge. They observed Megatron's first battle in the arena, killing the experienced Cy-Kill. Eventually, they were part of a team match under the command of Clench. However, Clench died in the battle and Megatron assumed command of the fight as well as the Forge as a whole.

On a later date, Frenzy and Rumble went with Megatron when he was called to the Forge early and met with Soundwave, an agent for the Senate who had weapons to gift to the fighters of the pits. This meeting was interrupted by the capturing of the Autobot spies Bumper and Fastback, and Frenzy witnessed Megatron kill the two.[3]

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