Galvatron II (Primax)

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Primax 785.06 Alpha (Japanese G1 Cartoon)

Tens of thousands of years after the Great Reformatting, Galvatron was the Emperor of Destruction, leader of the Predacons. Megastorm was his younger brother, and Galvatron led him and another unit of Predacons. They came into conflict with Lio Convoy's Convoy Unit of Maximals at least once. In an effort to hurt the Maximals, Galvatron disguised his ship the Galvaburg II as an asteroid and hid in an asteroid belt. He then released an S.O.S. that baited the Maximals to arrive. Launching the trap, a huge explosion caused Lio Convoy to be lost. Later, the Galvaburg II landed on Gaia to investigate a strange energy signal. The ship came across the source of the energy signal and Galvatron decided to conquer Gaia to use it to launch an invasion of the galaxy. They began to gather the energy when the Maximal ship Yukikaze came into Gaia's vicinity. The Galvaburg II shot the ship down. The ship continued to gather energy before rising up. At this point, a group of Maximals under Apache landed on the ship. Galvatron and Megastorm captured the Maximals and had the Combatrons shoot them down. Suddenly, Galvatron sensed something and a white lion arrived and freed the Maximals. The Maximals then retreated from the battlefield.[1]

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