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The Genital System was a facility of the Earth Defense Command.

Primax 785.06 Alpha (Japanese G1 Cartoon)

Shaoshao Li imprisoned in the Genital System, 2006 CE

In 2006 CE, under the command of Commander Hitoshizuku Amaō, the Genital System was constructed under the Tokyo-based Earth Defense Command headquarters with the only way to access it being the Spiral Vagina. The body of the deceased Galvatron was brought to the Genital System with the intent of using Galvatron's technology to find a way to bring Amaō's deceased daughter, Shizuku Amaō, back to life. It served as a base for operation to allow Legion to consume Kiss Players.[1]

Hot Rod later fell on Earth right into the Genital System and managed to escape with the captured Kiss Player Shaoshao Li.[2]

Later, Optimus Prime led a unit consisting of Hot Rod and some Kiss Players into the facility and Commander Amaō ambushed them and tried to harvest the Kiss Player Atari Hitotonari's body for her daughter to inhabit. However, Hitotonari, merged with an Autotrooper unit, managed to steal Galvatron's body from the facility as it began to collapse. The Genital System collapsed and killed Commander Hitoshizuku Amaō.[3]

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