Grimlock (Primax)

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Primax -408.01 Gamma (Shattered Expectations)

Grimlock was a genius Autobot that served in the war against the Decepticons. In one mission, he was under the command of Goldbug. The unit broke into a lab with new Decepticon Pretender technology. However, Decepticon forces under Starscream arrived[1].

Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US)

In 1989 CE, Grimlock was in the core of Cybertron with other Autobots when Octopunch fired on him. The shot bounced off of Grimlock and instead hit Primus's core, awakening him[2].

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)

In 4 MYA in Kaon, Grimlock and the Dynobots went to a rally at the Forge. Sentinel Prime and his Autobots ambushed the rally.[3]

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