Gunbarrel (Aurex)

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Aurex 802.23 Alpha (Unicron Trilogy Cartoon)

Gunbarrel was a Mini-Con that was part of the Air Military Mini-Con Team that was under the command of Ramjet as part of Unicron's vanguard. In 2030 CE, Ramjet and the Mini-Cons got lost in TransWarp and played with by the Elder Gods. The Mini-Cons lost their personalities in this event and became mindless drones for Ramjet. The Elder Gods later tossed Ramjet and his Mini-Cons back into Aurex 802.23 Alpha. The unit followed Ramjet's plan to kill Primus and let the Unicron Singularity wipe out reality. He participated in an attack on the chamber of the Vector Sigma before retreating after inflicting enough damage[1]. Later that evening, Gunbarrel was with Ramjet when he spoke to the Scrapmetals about Dark Scorponok's affliction when Skyfall came from underground[2]. After the Scrapmetals had downloaded enough information, the team moved out, leaving behind Skyfall. They then participated in an attack on Spark Core Access Shaft 19A in Iacon[3]. However, Vector Prime and his team arrived. The Mini-Cons tried to face Vector Prime, but they stood no chance. They all instead powerlinked with Ramjet to give him strength[4]. When Ramjet was sucked up back into TransWarp, all the Mini-Cons were destroyed in transit[5].

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