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Herman Armstrong is a human from the Primax cluster.

Herman "Herc" Armstrong is the leader of the Earth Corps.

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Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Armstrong on a call with his supervising General, Earth Corps Headquarters, 1992 CE.

By 1992 CE, Dr. Herman "Herc" Armstrong was the leader of the Earth Corps and led a team of scientists to uncover what was believed to be a dinosaur skeleton encased in an amber monolith from Big Sur National Forest. Not all was right with this extraction as his subordinate Liquidator reported that his had strange energy readings. When Barbara Walker interviewed Armstrong, they came under attack by Redwoods in secret, though Armstrong saved Walker. Armstrong and the Earth Corps brought the artifact to the Shore Museum in San Francisco where the entire Earth Corps was honored during the ceremony to announce the new artifact. However, the artifact was actually the Inhumanoid D'Compose trapped in amber and he began to break free. At the same time, Tendril attacked the city. Armstrong orchestrated the Earth Corps in the battle which ended in the two Inhumanoids disappearing.

Later, at the Earth Corps Headquarters, Herc argued with his commanding general over the origin of the Inhumanoids as the American government believed them to be extraterrestrials though Herc believed that they came from underground. Because of the dispute, the Earth Corps received no oversight for their own investigation of the monsters. Herc held a meeting over how to find answers to deal with the crisis and decided to split the team while he went with Auger to check out where the Inhumanoids went in the San Francisco Bay. The two followed the destruction into two miles deep in the Pacific Ocean where they found the lair of D'Compose and Tendril who attacked their submarine. Destroying the submarine, the two managed to make it to a tropical island.

They managed to safely return to headquarters where the group compared notes from their research. The Earth Corps decided to stop the Inhumanoids from freeing their leader Metlar when Tendril attacked the base.[1]

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