Hotlink (Primax)

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Hotlink is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Hotlink is a Decepticon air warrior.

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Hotlink (center) during the Battle of Iacon, 4 million years ago.

Hotlink was a Decepticon soldier under the command of Megatron. He was part of the Decepticon air forces under the command of Starscream. 4 million years ago, The Decepticons swept across Cybertron and eventually cornered Optimus Prime's Autobot forces at Iacon. In the Battle of Iacon, Hotlink was under the command of Starscream, obtaining air superiority. When the main Decepticon leadership left on the Nemesis and the Autobots left on the Ark, Hotlink fell under the command of Shockwave. They managed to take Iacon[1].

Reference Notes

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