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Hound is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Hound is the main scout of the Autobots, and falls in love easily with nature and his surroundings. However, he can be very serious and follows orders strictly. This makes him a very valuable soldier.

Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US)

Hound was an Autobot soldier under the command of Optimus Prime during the Great War on Cybertron who served as a scout.

In 4 MYA, Optimus Prime assembled a group of Autobots that included Hound to take off on the Ark to destroy an asteroid belt that threatened Cybertron to ensure a safe passage of Cybertron through the Solar System. After the asteroid belt was dealt with, the Decepticons under the command of Megatron attacked the ship and Optimus Prime charted a course to crash the Ark into Earth to take out both themselves and the Decepticons. The Ark crashed into Mount St. Hilary, deactivating all the combatants on the Ark.

In 1984 CE, an eruption reactivated the Ark's computer Aunty who rebuilt all the Transformers, including Hound, with new Earth-based alternate modes. The Decepticons fled and the Autobots took roll and subsequently observed the traffic of Earth, assuming that the mechanical creations on Earth were the dominant life form of the planet. Optimus Prime deployed Prowl in command of a reconaissance group that included Hound and the group discovered a drive-in theater. Prowl brought his Autobots into the junction when the Decepticons suddenly attacked. Hound fought against the Decepticons at the theater and during the battle, Prowl came to the conclusion that the humans were the actual dominant life form. Prowl decided to report his findings to Optimus Prime and ordered a return to base, abandoning Bumblebee.[1]

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Hound during the Battle of the North Pole, 1984 CE.

Hound was an Autobot soldier under the command of Optimus Prime during the Great War 4 million years ago. He was part of the crew of the Ark that abandoned Cybertron in search for a new source of energy. The ship came under attack by the Decepticon warship Nemesis and the ship crashed onto Earth, lodging itself in a volcano and sending the combatants into Stasis Lock.

In 1984 CE, Hound was re-activated by his fellow Autobots with a new Earth-based vehicle form. He was present for a briefing by Optimus Prime where the goal was established to protect Earth from the Decepticons. He and Cliffjumper volunteered to go find the Decepticons, and Optimus sent them out. It didn't take long for the two to locate the Decepticons and the two spied on them for a while, finding out that the Decepticons have invented Energon cubes and plan to attack Earth's resources to fuel a space cruiser. They would have continued spying, but Cliffjumper's trigger-finger got too itchy, and he attacked the Decepticons. Hound and Cliffjumper retreated as Laserbeak pursued them, and Hound was injured in the battle. Cliffjumper got Ratchet and Hauler to help Hound, and they returned to the Ark, where Hound reported to Prime their findings. Optimus refused to let the Decepticons win and left with a unit to fight the Decepticons.[2].

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1)

In 4 MYA, Hound was a member of the Autobot Security Services under the command of Prowl in Kaon and was present at a briefing where Prowl explained that Megatron had taken charge in the secret illegal gladiator pits. Sentinel Prime arrived and took direct command of the operation.[3] Hound later participated in the raid on the Decepticons that led to the Decepticons being arrested.[4]

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