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Ian Noble is a human from a Primax Cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Ian Noble as Action Man

Ian Noble is a rebellious and rash though retains an almost childish sense of humor, particularly through his use of puns. However, he is also one of Earth's heroes under the alias of Action Man, the centerpiece of the Action Man Programme. A very skilled agent in service to the United Kingdom, Action Man fights off threats against the world like his former best friend Doctor X and the remnants of the Arashikage Clan.

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)

Joining the Action Man Programme

Ian meeting Mike Brogan for the first time, North London, 2012 CE.

Ian Noble was born in Cambridge. By around 2012 CE, he was a bullied, rebellious Sixth-Form student at a school in North London. He was unhappy with his life and engaged in petty crimes and evaded detection, developing his pick-pocketing skills.

One day, while walking the streets of North London, Ian found a man in an alley leaving a secret door. Curious, Ian managed to pickpocket the man's security card and successfully infiltrated the secret base. Ian had discovered the secret base of the Action Man Programme with Action Man himself pointing a gun at him. Impressed by Ian's abilities, Action Man tried to convince Ian to stay and join the Action Man Programme. Not wanted anywhere else in life, Ian decided he would stay. Ian became a member of the support crew for Action Man in the Tech Division. Though he was just as rebellious as part of the organization as he was when he was a student, Ian Noble worked closely with and befriended Action Man.

At some point, Ian and fellow Action Man agent Mercy Gale attended an international military science and technology meeting in Vienna where he met Mainframe of G.I. Joe. Mainframe gave Ian his card and told him that he should call G.I. Joe one day.

As part of his time working with the tech division, Ian would occasionally do fieldwork whether authorized or not, usually in search of Doctor X, the mysterious nemesis of Action Man. In 2016 CE, during his investigation of Doctor X, he found evidence that an experimental spacecraft with an antimatter drive had been stolen by Doctor X's forces. Agent Noble went against orders and infiltrated Doctor X's headquarters underneath the Thames River. He was discovered and Action Man was deployed to assist him as well as to stop Doctor X. The two eventually found the antimatter generator that went into overdrive and would destroy the world in seventeen seconds. Action Man decided to pilot the missile containing the generator away from a danger zone, killing himself. As he did so, he passed the mantle of Action Man on to Ian who climbed out of the base to the surface as a hero.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom hailed Ian as a hero and pressured Director Bestley into promoting him as the new Action Man.

The new Action Man

Ian emerges from the Thames River, 2016 CE

The death of Ian's predecessor had a significant impact on the staff of the Action Man Programme. Director Pauline Bestley believed that Ian had killed Action Man while fellow agent Terrence Salmons believed that he should have become the next Action Man and held this grudge against Ian. As for Ian himself, he set about looking for revenge against Doctor X though there was no evidence that Doctor X's body even left the Thames. He secretly had Agent Bryce Chan look for information on Doctor X's survival. Nevertheless, Ian had begun his duties as Action Man.[1]

When a dirty bomb held by terrorists was found on one of the trains south of Cambridge in 2016 CE, Action Man was deployed to deal with the situation. Action Man diffused the situation by defeating the terrorists and crashing the train into Shepreth Wildlife Park where he was threatened by tigers before Agent Salmons and Agent Mercy Gale arrived to pull Action Man out. On the ride home, Agent Gale had to assure Ian that Doctor X was not behind the attack. Arriving at Action Man headquarters, Ian went through training with Agent Salmons who was overzealous in beating Ian. Gale arrived and told Ian that he had to meet with Chan and Bestley and Ian snapped at her out of desperation of not finding Doctor X. Meeting Agent Chan, Ian was equipped with a micro-breather and a device to search and delete files on a hard drive for his next mission. Action Man checked on the status of Chan's search for Doctor X though he still had nothing.

Arriving late to his meeting with Director Bestley, he was briefed on a situation in which separatists had occupied the Hauteville House in Guernsey with hostages. The Hauteville House was the home to the former head of the Action Man Programme, Victor Hugo. The home contained a hard drive that had sensitive information that Action Man needed to retrieve. Action Man was sent to Guernsey and infiltrated the house and took the information from the hard drive. Looking at the terrorists, Action Man saw that they wore an X, the symbol of Doctor X. This sparked Action Man's attack on the terrorists.[2] The battle with the terrorists resulted in their deaths and Agent Gale and Agent Salmons moved in to secure the hostages after Action Man secured mobile phone from the leader of the terrorists.

The next day, Ian faced punishment from Director Bestley for his insubordination and was confined to his quarters. On the way out of Bestley's office, Salmons attacked Ian out of rage but this was broken up by Agent Chan. Before leaving to eat, Ian gave Chan the terrorist's mobile phone to be analyzed. Agent Gale visited Ian while he was at the restaurant and assured him that Doctor X was dead and that the X he saw had no connection with the nemesis of Action Man.

Action Man engaging Colditz in Bath, 2016 CE

After eating, Ian went to Agent Chan who reported a suspicious phone call from Bath to be looked into. Salmons arrived and escorted Ian to his quarters, but Ian took Salmons's I.D. card and escaped. Ian made his way to Bath and listened in on a conversation between Colditz and Storm Shadow. It was through this conversation that Ian learned that there was a traitor in the Action Man Programme and that they did indeed work for Doctor X. Colditz was invited to Doctor X's Chateau and after Storm Shadow left, Action Man engaged and defeated Colditz. Salmons, who had been following Action Man, arrived and told Ian that he would use Colditz's identity to infiltrate the Chateau.[3]

Meeting at Secret Intelligence Service Headquarters, Ian was briefed on the plan for him to infiltrate the Chateau as Colditz and to retrieve the information from Doctor X's servers. Before he was deployed, Ian told Chan about the traitor in the Action Man Programme and theorized that it could either be Salmons or Bestley. Chan told Ian that he had his back.

Doctor X holding Ian against his will over the Bavarian Alps, 2016 CE

As Colditz, Ian met with agents of Doctor X who escorted him to the Chateau in the Bavarian Alps. However, the gatekeeper was a former lover to the real Colditz and quickly ousted Ian as an impostor. Action Man engaged Doctor X's forces and forced his way into the Chateau while calling for back up and first reported to Director Bestley that Salmons was working for Doctor X. Action Man's fight eventually brought him to the lab of the Professor who sent his genetically-modified monstrous creations after Action Man. After seeing that the Professor held a data card similar to the one Chan had given to him earlier, Action Man then reported that Agent Chan was the traitor. Action Man destroyed the lab and took the card from the Professor before moving to be picked up by Salmons and Gale. However, upon touchdown, Gale shot down Salmons and revealed herself to be the real Doctor X.[4] Holding Ian and gun point and jamming all of his communications, Gale had Action Man pilot their jet. Flying low, Ian made sure that Salmons secretly boarded the jet as well. Gale eventually had Action Man land near a tree where she revealed that she had found the dead body of Doctor X following a battle and decided to take up his role in order to play both the Action Man Programme and Doctor X's organization for her own goals. She revealed that she had her agents steal an antimatter generator to create an interplanetary propulsion system that would have her open negotiations with the United States and China, but because Ian had infiltrated the base in the Thames River, one of her agents panicked and put the generator into overdrive. With the old Action Man gone, Gale wanted to work together with Ian to make the world a better place. She also revealed that the information at the Hauteville House was an Operational Support Codex that the Action Man Programme had as a contingency in case of war with the United States. When she learned of the codex's location, she sent the terrorist to the island to prompt the Action Man Programme intervening to take the intel. After the intel was secured, she gave it to the Professor to decode every secret American communication and to gain access to alien, mainly Cybertronian, technology.

In order to cover up their deceit, Gale caused an explosion and explained that Agent Mercy Gale died there and asked if Ian Noble did as well. However, Action Man refused to join her and Salmons launched his attack on her. As Gale fled with a wing pack, Action Man held on to her in pursuit, taking them to Doctor X's aircraft which was crewed by the Red Shadows under the command of Storm Shadow. During the fight on the aircraft, Ian revealed that he was no longer being jammed and that the Action Man Programme would be arriving. Storm Shadow ran Ian through with her blade, but Action Man managed to shoot the codex before falling off the plane. The plane was later destroyed by an Action Man Programme aircraft piloted by Bestley and Chan and they retrieved Action Man from the air.

Ian and Salmons later recovered from the operation when Director Bestley and Agent Chan arrived and informed the two that they needed to go to Greece to back up an SIS unit a month after the incident with Doctor X.[5]

The Revolution Incident

Action Man being pulled out of Mount Olympus during the Ore-13 explosion, 2016 CE

Action Man and Agent Salmons arrived at Mount Olympus, a location Action Man did not initially believed existed. Looking for the distress beacon for the unit they were to support, Action Man entered a fissure in the mountain, finding a cache of Ore-13. Action Man then found the former G.I. Joe member Big Ben stuck in the Ore-13. Big Ben explained that his team tracked covert agents from Dover, to France and Italy, and then to Greece where the agents killed his team and revealed that it was G.I. Joe who killed them as they were after the Ore-13 crystals. After Big Ben gave Action Man the Joe dog tags, the crystals began to shake and crackle and Salmons quickly dragged Action Man out of the mountain just before it was destroyed by the explosion of the crystals. Action went to SIS headquarters and called Governor's Island, the base of G.I. Joe. Action Man spoke with Mainframe about the Joe tags which were revealed to belong to Countdown. Mainframe theorized that someone was trying to frame G.I. Joe when Action Man heard that G.I. Joe was mobilizing to track Cybertronians to find out what they were doing with the Ore-13 and Action Man theorized that the battle was going to go down in Portland.[6]

Action Man under attack by G.I. Joe forces, Governor's Island, 2016 CE

Later, after reports of an incident in Athens, the Action Man Programme made moves to investigate the goings-on in G.I. Joe. Ian loaded his Orca Sea Jet with Octaazacubane and remained alert outside of G.I. Joe Headquarters at Governor's Island. After receiving reports of G.I. Joe attacking an Earth Defense Command base in the Bikini Atoll, Action Man received footage of an undercover American organization under command of Miles Mayhem attacking and stealing a Cybertronian. Live footage Agent Salmons managed to hack into inside of G.I. Joe headquarters also supported the idea that the Cybertronian was being held in Governor's Island. With permission from Director Bestley, Action Man began his intervention.

Action Man infiltrated Governor's Island by detonating his Orca Sea Jet on the walls of the headquarters and getting an Energon reading. Fighting through G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. agents, Action Man remained in contact with Mainframe through texting and eventually convinced Mainframe that G.I. Joe was being played. Action Man eventually discovered the Cybertronian, an Autobot named Kup, and broke him loose out of his restraints. Kup and Action Man escaped with the help of Mainframe who contacted Chinese satellites over the base and ordered them to open fire to keep pack pursuing G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. forces. After their escape, Action Man had lost contact with SIS Headquarters but made plans with Kup to return to Autobot City in Monument Valley.[7]

After a long drive, Action Man and Kup arrived at Autobot City where a large fight was taking place with the Cybertronians, Rom, Micronauts, G.I. Joe, and M.A.S.K. on one side and Dire Wraiths and Baron Karza on the other. The two joined the fight against the Dire Wraiths and Karza. The allies developed a plan to destroy the enemy that required Action Man and other combatants to evacuate the immediate vicinity on Autobot City and the enemies were ultimately defeated.[8]

Crisis Intervention

Action Man waking up in Section Sabine, 2016 CE

In Vereny, Schleteva, a pulse of energy infected the residents with Dire Wraith-like traits. As there was a British facility in the region that stored a secret artifact called the Talisman, Action Man was sent into the field to retrieve it with the assistance of Kup. Arriving at the facility, Action Man found Blackrock there and immediately blamed him for the pulse that the Talisman sent out. They fought until Rom and G.I. Joe arrived. The situation briefly calmed down as everyone realized that they were not behind the pulse wave when the Oktober Guard and Major Bludd attacked. During the battle, the Talisman activated again and G.I. Joe field team leader Mayday and Action Man where protected by Rom's shield. However, other G.I. Joe agents were infected with the Wraith-like traits. The Oktober Guard captured the Talisman and fled but were taken down by Kup. An investigation of the Talisman and the interrogation of Bludd began when Bludd triggered a teleportation device that Action Man was caught up in.

Action Man woke up on the Moon in a space suit in Section Sabine, a former Cobra base on the Moon.[9] After spending some time yelling for help, Action Man eventually broke from his chains and entered Section Sabine where he could breathe again. Inside the base, Action Man found Doctor X, Baron Ironblood, Storm Shadow, the Red Shadows, and the Talisman gathered. After Doctor X informed him that they couldn't let him go when they were so close to unlocking the Talisman, Action Man began to flee. Before he could be killed by Storm Shadow, Kup, Mayday, Blackrock, and the Micronauts arrived. Doctor X's alliance finally had to pull back from the battlefield and used their MASS Device to flee and set the base to explode. Fleeing the exploding base, Ian theorized that they could learn how to operate the Talisman by asking Bulletman of the Adventure Team as it was the Adventure Team who had found it in the first place.[10]

The heroes went to the set where Richard Ruby was directing a movie and he explained how his team discovered the Talisman and how Garrison Krieger, a former member of the Screaming Eagles that proceeded the Adventure Team, took the Talisman for himself after killing Mike Power. Blackrock then explained to the team that Krieger started the International Robotic Operations Network, I.R.O.N.. Though Mayday suggested asking Krieger about how to use the Talisman to un-mutate her team, Krieger vanished years ago and his number two stockholder in I.R.O.N. was Count van Rani, also known as Iron Klaw and leader of Kalistan where the first Iron Troops were deployed in World War II. More lines were connected as Blackrock informed the group that he appointed an interim C.E.O. of I.R.O.N., Tomax Paoli, the former Cobra Commander.[11]

Action Man and the rest of the team, soon to be dubbed the Revolutionaries, developed a plan to storm Iron Castle in Kalistan. As the plan was underway, Action Man, Mayday, and Kup began their drive. Learning that the Predacons were located inside the castle, Kup gave a brief history of the unit and Mayday told the team of her history as part of G.I. Joe and the Earth Defense Command. Soon, fighting broke out at Iron Castle and Mayday, Action Man, and Kup moved in. After holding off Predaking and killing Razorclaw, Action Man and the Revolutionaries managed to retrieve the Talisman and fled the castle.[12]

Ironhide, report to me at once!

This article covers information that is ongoing and may not yet be up-to-date.

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