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Infinitus is a Transformer from the Primax Cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Infinitus is a Titan Master often paired with Sentinel Prime. However, in some universes he is Sentinel Prime, taking the mantel in early Cybertronian history.

Primax 716.0 Gamma (Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters)

When the universe was forming, the Titan Masters, including Infinitus, were created as a crew of caretakers for the Titans. He had the ability to produce force fields and shared that ability when he combined with a larger Transformer. They fanned out across the galaxies on a mission to discover the powers and mysteries that lurked beyond the known world. They were all lost to history.

Suddenly, in the modern day, Infinitus and the other Titan Masters returned with the Titans, shifting the balance in the Autobot-Decepticon War. Infinitus allied himself with the Autobots and was partnered with Sentinel Prime.[1]

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 comics)

Sentinel Prime at Kaon, 4 million years ago.

Early Life (10 MYA - 4 MYA)

Infinitus, along with his brethren Sovereign, was a Titan Master, a rare breed of Cybertronian. Titan Masters had the ability to ingest life and convert it into Energon to power their bodies for millennia. Infinitus was a servant of Nexus Prime while Sovereign served Onyx Prime. The death of Nexus Prime by the hands of Galvatron during the First Cybertronian Civil War ten million years ago caused Infinitus to fall under the command of Onyx Prime. Shortly afterwards, the remaining members of the Thirteen Original Primes, including Onyx Prime, abandoned Cybertron. Infinitus was left on Cybertron, though he continued to study and follow the teachings of the original Primes. While waiting for the return of Onyx Prime, Infinitus decided that he would shed the light of the Thirteen on the dark world of Cybertron. To do so, he used a new body and took up the name of Sentinel.

Champion of the Senate (4 MYA)

Time went on and Sentinel rose through the ranks of the new Cybertron that developed after the war. By four million years ago, Sentinel was the head of the Autobot Security Services for the Senate of Cybertron. Sentinel, aspiring to become a Prime to lead all of Cybertron, worked closely with the Senate government. He would later reflect that he felt that the darkness of Cybertron had consumed his initial desire to spread the light of the Thirteen. Sentinel had a network of informants who reported to him whenever someone spoke against the Senate. He used this network to enforce the Senate's will on Cybertron. His most enthusiastic of informants, including the Autobot Red Alert, would go through reconditioning so that Sentinel could use counter commands to control them as his own personal militia. As time went on, Red Alert would be the last of the group to still be around.

Following the Senate-created assassination attempt on Nominus Prime, Sentinel was present at the Grand Imperium in anticipation for the speech that would announce the Clampdown that was to be given by the head of the Senate, Senator Proteus. However, as Senator Proteus gave his speech, Sentinel was frequently interrupted by one of his aides as there was an intruder that kept going through the waves of guards Sentinel kept throwing at him. Finally, the intruder bursted into the session. He was Orion Pax and was carrying the wounded Whirl. Orion Pax publically called out the Senate on its corruption and Senator Proteus ordered Sentinel to have Orion Pax removed. Sentinel sent in guards that dragged Pax away.[2]

The assassination attempt took place on Nominus Prime as an attempt by the Senate to gain access to the legendary Matrix of Leadership that Nominus Prime traditionally held. Sentinel was in on the plan and he worked closely with the Senate to investigate the Matrix of Leadership from Nominus Prime's body. This furthered Sentinel's goal of becoming the next Prime[3][4] However, through Sentinel's investigation, it was discovered that the Matrix that Nominus held could in fact not create life. This was because this was a fake Matrix of Leadership. Since the Senate no longer had any more use for Nominus Prime, they had what remained of his life extinguished. The Senate then supported rumors that stated that Sentinel was showing signs of affinity from the Matrix of Leadership for becoming the next Prime.

As the anti-Senate Decepticon movement gained momentum, Sentinel and the Senate made plans to have the dissenters eliminated. First, they would have the Decepticons write their names for a new piece of legeslation called the Decepticon Registration Act, under the guise that the signatures were needed to create a new Decepticon political party. Next, the Senate would replace the fake Matrix in Nominus Prime with a bomb made to look like the Matrix. There would be a public ceremony where the public could view the body of Nominus Prime. The Senate would then detonate the bomb, killing hundreds of civilians. The Senate could then blame the Decepticons for the massacre and would have the Decepticons rounded up with the list of Decepticons on the Decepticon Registration Act. These Decepticons would be then sent to the Institute, the secret Senate department devoted to putting its patients through Shadowplay, the act of brainwashing and reprogramming. Through this Shadowplay, the Senate would avoid rebellion.[5]

The scheme put in place by the Senate and Sentinel was foiled by none other than Orion Pax himself. However, Orion Pax collaborated with Senator Shockwave, a dissenter within the Senate. Senator Shockwave was captured, and they learned that Senator Shockwave was creating an army of outliers at the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology with the purpose of using them as an army to overthrow the Senate. Sentinel arranged it so that the Academy was "accidentally" destroyed. Shockwave was brought before Sentinel and Senator Proteus, where Proteus condemned Shockwave and sentenced him to undergo Shadowplay and Empurata.[6][7] As for Orion Pax, Sentinel put up an order for the arrest of Orion Pax and his team of collaborators for rebelling against the Senate.[8] The fake Matrix of Leadership was eventually passed to Sentinel upon the Senate's decision. Sentinel became known as Sentinel Prime and began to rule Cybertron in earnest.

The Rise and Fall of Sentinel Prime (4 MYA - 2016 CE)

Sentinel Prime's reign was noted for its corruption and its brutality. Famous public figures like Alpha Trion and Pious Maximus spoke out against Sentinel Prime. Sentinel secretly disappointed that Alpha Trion never accepted his role as a member of the Thirteen Primes and Sentinel didn't even recognize the authority of Pious Maximus. One of the most notorious events of Sentinel Prime's reign included an incident where he laid claim to a populated world.[9]

Because of all the political red tape and how he was tied down with being unable to actually create legislation, Sentinel Prime began to develop a hatred towards the Senate itself as he felt that it was a hindrance to his rule.[10] As part of this new change, Sentinel Prime created the Elite Guard to do Sentinel's bidding behind the backs of the Senate. One example of a deployment of the Elite Guard was in an incident with the rival of Sentinel Prime, Orion Pax. A Hot Spot had recently been discovered on Cybertron in the shape of a hand. Sentinel wanted to capture the Hot Spot before the Functionist Council, a major influence on the Senate, could use it. The Elite Guard was deployed where it came into conflict with Orion Pax's band of outlaws. They were ultimately defeated in the battle.

Sentinel Prime created a base for the Autobot Security Services in the city of Kaon, widely considered to be the worst place on Cybertron. It was here that he could better manage the lawless regions of Cybertron, and he and his aide Prowl began to work to cleaning up the city. Prowl reported to Sentinel Prime when Senator Decimus's ship fell under attack. Sentinel Prime ignored the problem and had Prowl scramble a response. However, this was only a premonition of a larger threat. Illegal gladiator pits began to be run by Megatron in Kaon and Kaon became a major Decepticon-recruiting ground. Sentinel Prime found Prowl's handling of the situation to be unsatisfactory and because of this, he took direct command of the operation to end the gladiator fights and to capture Megatron himself. Sentinel Prime sent in Bumper and Fastback to spy on the Decepticons, but they were killed by Megatron. Sentinel Prime gave an eulogy at their funeral and called for a stronger response against the Decepticons.[11][12] At this time, Sentinel suggested that the Autobots should use a Titan to crush the Decepticon rebellion. However, Prowl refused this idea. Throughout the operations in Kaon, in fact, Prowl often tried to reign in Sentinel Prime with his plans. This caused Sentinel to develop a hatred of Prowl.

Sentinel Prime and his Autobots later located Megatron at a recruitment rally where the Decepticons were about to execute the kidnapped Senator Decimus. Sentinel Prime and his team struck the rally and captured the Decepticons, holding them for an emergency Senate hearing in Kaon. Sentinel Prime was required to allow the captured Soundwave to go free due to his connections with Senator Ratbat. However, the Decepticons ultimately broke free from the prison ships and the Battle of Kaon began. This started the Second Cybertronian Civil War, also known as the Great War. Sentinel Prime led the Autobots in the defense of Kaon and even equipped himself with the Apex Armor. Megatron beat Sentinel Prime into a state of near-death and Megatron arranged it so that his body was dropped off before Prowl, who then ordered an Autobot retreat. Much of Sentinel's body was used to create a throne for Megatron to sit in. Sentinel Prime's body was retrieved from northern Kaon and he was declared deceased.[13]

Sentinel Prime attacking Autobot City, Earth, 2016 CE.

A public state funeral was held for Sentinel Prime at the Primal Basilica, where grieving crowds lined the streets. However, as his body was interned at the Primal Basilica, Infinitus separated from the main part of his body that night. Infinitus fled into Kaon where he began to build a replacement body. He kept passing in and out of consciousness. He initially thought that this was because of his injuries but he found that he was actually attuning himself with the Titans. He spent a lifetime learning about the frequencies of the Titans and ultimately, he learned how to control them. Meanwhile, the body of Sentinel Prime's body was found in the Primal Basilica without his head and the public began to blame the mutilation on the Decepticons even though this was not the case. The public would remember Sentinel Prime as the one who stood up against Megatron and was a hero to the Autobots despite his corruption. Sentinel Prime would be succeeded by Zeta Prime.

The Return and Death of Sentinel Prime (2016 CE)

In 2016 CE, Infinitus was awoken underneath the ruins of Kaon due to a signal from the Titan Metrotitan on the planet Earth. The signal carried the purpose to inform Cybertron of the deeds of Optimus Prime. Infinitus was quickly delivered information that Optimus Prime currently led the Autobots and that the Second Cybertronian Civil War was long over. The Autobots and Decepticons now worked together alongside the citizens of various different Cybertronian colonies. Infinitus viewed these colonial Transformers as being malformed. Infinitus took up the mantel of Sentinel Prime once again and rose from Kaon and went to the Decepticon Ghetto outside of the city of Metroplex, who was also a Titan. Once there, Sentinel Prime began to attack those he deemed inferior, intending to bring back the Golden Age of Cybertron through force. Ironhide and his security forces stood against Sentinel Prime, but their efforts failed. The leader of Cybertron, Starscream, later faced Sentinel Prime but Sentinel stopped him by occupying Starscream's attention with a spark disrutpr. A total of 23 people were killed by Sentinel in the Ghetto. He then made his way to Metroplex's Space Bridge. The Badgeless, Starscream's personal law enforcement forces, engaged Sentinel but Sentinel Prime fought them off and went through the portal to Metrotitan on Earth, also known as Autobot City.

At Autobot City, Sentinel Prime immediately took down the Camien Aileron and then destroyed Metrotitan's Space Bridge. Sentinel was proud of his current successor as he learned of how Optimus Prime had begun a conquest of Earth. He separated from his main body to search for Optimus Prime.[14] However, instead of finding Optimus Prime, Sentinel found Alpha Trion there. Sentinel Prime attacked Alpha Trion and removed his head. Meanwhile, Sentinel's body fought Optimus Prime, Soundwave, and Arcee. Sentinel decided to let his body fight the Transformers while he piloted Alpha Trion's body, transforming it into its jet mode, and took off. He had discovered that his fellow Titan Master Sovereign was on the planet, having been planted there by Onyx Prime with a set of fake memories making Sovereign believe that he was the human Garrison Blackrock. Sentinel intended to rescue him.

Sentinel found Blackrock in a prisoner convoy under the watch of the formally-defunded Joint Services Special Counterterrorist Group, or G.I. Joe. Sentinel Prime fought off G.I. Joe and took Blackrock. They then fled back to Autobot City where the rest of his body continued to fight Optimus Prime and his ally. There, Sentinel reactivated Sovereign and used the Space Bridge there to teleport just himself, Sovereign, Optimus Prime, and Soundwave to the ruins of the Titan Prion where dead Mini-cons were everywhere.[15] There, Sentinel told Optimus to not give up on what he had conquered, unlike Micronus Prime who left the Mini-cons to rot. Soundwave and Optimus fought against Sovereign and Sentinel, and Soundwave converted Sovereign into Garrison Blackrock once again. Irritated at Optimus Prime's refusal to follow his vision, Sentinel took Blackrock and went through the Space Bridge again.[16] They emerged at the Space Bridge of a dead Titan on Luna 1, where Outrigger saw them emerge. Sentinel immediately attacked him, to Blackrock's disappointment. However, Sentinel did not kill him as he intended for Blackrock to eat him. Outrigger rose back again and struck back at Sentinel before running away.

Sentinel Prime plugged Blackrock into the Brain Module of the Titan and used Blackrock to animate the Titan though it was himself who was controlling it. He intended to use the quantum foam from the planetary thrusters on Luna 1 to combine with the Titan's Space Bridge ability to create a large Space Bridge. He would then use the Titans' frequency of life to revive the other Titans and send them to Cybertron so that they could purge the population. However, the Autobots Prowl, Fortress Maximus, Red Alert, and Cerebros attack the Titan to stop Sentinel. This party eventually lands in the head of the Titan. After Sentinel mistakes Fortress Maximus for Pious Maximus, Sentinel uses the countermeasures to turn Red Alert to his side to even the odds.[17] As the battle raged on, Sentinel Prime activated the Titans and made them rise to the Space Bridge he had just created. However, Prowl, controlled by Cerebros, attacked Sentinel which allowed the Autobots a window to escape. Sentinel and Red Alert decided to let them go and they watched Sentinel's plan go into motion.

Later, a Titan under the control of Fortress Maximus arrived to stop the Titans from passing through the portal. Prowl and Cerebros attacked Sentinel Prime and Red Alert, but Red Alert got the upper hand. Sentinel ordered Red Alert to kill Prowl, but Red Alert broke through the mind control and shot at Sentinel. Sentinel began to reassert his authority and ordered Red Alert to kill himself. Just then, the Cybertronian named Beak arrived and threw Sentinel Prime into one of the planetary thrusters, killing him.[18]

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