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Inhumanoids are a type of species on Earth

Metlar, an Inhumanoid leader.

Based deep under the Earth, the Inhumanoids are a chaotic and deranged race of primordial creatures who once dominated the surface. Their presence on Earth has resulted in conflicts with humans and other creatures on Earth like the Mutores.

Biology and appearance

The Inhumanoids do not appear to have a uniform appearance as the appearance and biology varies widely from individual to individual.

Society and culture

Inhumanoids express the desire to conquer and to cause pain to other living beings, particularly humans.


Aurex 006.0 Kappa (Primus Unleashed)

By the 31st Century, the Inhumanoids had formed an alliance with the Darkling Lords and had conquered Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Indeed, this was a majority of the Earth with the exception of the planet's islands thanks to the United Kingdom.[1]

Primax -408.24 Epsilon (Shattered Glass)

Around 2009 CE, the Inhumanoids attacked the United States but were eventually defeated.[2]

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

In the 12th Century CE, the Inhumanoids under Metlar ravaged Earth's surface, terrorizing humanity. Magnokor led the Mutores in the Inhumanoid-Mutore War in an effort to stop the monsters which resulted in the Inhumanoids being locked away under the Earth. However, the Inhumanoids awoke once more around the 1990s. This led to another conflict with the Mutores and the Earth Corps, humanity's force to deal with the Inhumanoids.[3]

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Malgus 1207.26 Alpha (Animated Cartoon)

Though the Inhumanoids launched an attack on humanity, United States President-elect Edward Augutter managed to push them back underground.[4]

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