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Jazz is a Transformer from the Primax cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Jazz is an Autobot who has become infatuated with Earth culture since his arrival on Earth. He is considered to be a pretty cool bot.

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Primax -408.01 Gamma (Shattered Expectations)

Jazz was an Autobot that served in the war against the Decepticons. In one mission, he was under the command of Goldbug. The unit broke into a lab with new Decepticon Pretender technology. However, Decepticon forces under Starscream arrived[1].

Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US)

Jazz was an Autobot soldier under the command of Optimus Prime during the Great War on Cybertron.

In 4 MYA, Optimus Prime assembled a group of Autobots that included Jazz to take off on the Ark to destroy the asteroid belt that threatened Cybertron to ensure a safe passage of Cybertron through the Solar System. After the asteroid belt was dealt with, the Decepticons under the command of Megatron attacked the ship and Optimus Prime charted a course to crash the Ark into Earth to take out both themselves and the Decepticons. The Ark crashed into Mount St. Hilary, deactivating all the combatants on the Ark.

In 1984 CE, an eruption reactivated the Ark's computer Aunty who rebuilt all the Transformers, including Jazz, with new Earth-based alternate modes. The Decepticons fled and the Autobots took roll and subsequently observed the traffic of Earth, assuming that the mechanical creations on Earth were the dominant lifeform of the planet.[2]

In 1989 CE, Jazz was with the Autobots in the core of Cybertron when Octopunch attacked, accidentally shooting and awakening Primus[3].

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Jazz in battle on Earth, 1985 CE.

Jazz was an Autobot solider under Optimus Prime 4 million years ago during the Great War. During the Battle of Iacon, Optimus Prime sent Jazz to find any source of energy in northern Cybertron, but Jazz found nothing at all. He later returned to Iacon where Optimus Prime made the decision to leave Cybertron in search of a new source of energy. Jazz was put on this mission on the ship called the Ark. As the vessell voyaged, the Decepticon warship Nemesis attacked the Ark, and Jazz participated in the battle on the bridge. However, the ship lost control and crashed on Earth, lodging itself in the side of a volcano. This sent all the combatants into Stasis Lock.

Jazz was reactivated by the other Autobots in 1984 CE, now with an Earth-based vehicle mode. He was present at Optimus Prime's briefing where the goal was established to prevent the Decepticons from plundering Earth's resources. He again was present when the Autobot scouts Hound and Cliffjumper returned with information on the location of the Decepticon field camp and the current Decepticon mission: To take energy from Earth, convert it into Energon cubes, and to use the cubes to fuel a new space cruiser to return to Cybertron. Optimus Prime had Jazz assemble a battle group to combat the Decepticons, and the unit went to an oil rig that had fallen under attack by the Decepticons[4].

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1)

In 4 MYA, Jazz was a member of the Autobot Security Services under the command of Prowl in Kaon and was present at a briefing where Prowl explained that Megatron had taken charge in the secret illegal gladiator pits. Sentinel Prime arrived and took direct command of the operation.[5]

Primax 1013.11 Gamma (Unit:E)

Jazz exists in this universe.[6]

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