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Jerrica Benton is a human from the Primax cluster.

Jerrica Benton might not have the confidence to take the center stage as herself, but under he alter ego of Jem, she has taken the reigns of her band, Jem and the Holograms.

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)


Born around 1992 CE, Jerrica Benton was close friends with her younger sister Kimber Benton, Shana Elmsford, and Aja Leith. The four dreamed of starting a band together, but her father Emmett Benton told them that they could only start a band after graduating from High School. After they all had graduated by 2015 CE, the four began to work together as a band called the Holograms. That year, Jerrica's father died. Later in the year, the band managed to start back up again. Though Jerrica did well during practice at home, she would choke up in fear while being recorded for video shoots. Jerrica set up shoots three different times as an entry into the Misfits Vs! competition and cancelled it three times. This caused stress between the band members and Jerrica had to talk Kimber down from quitting. Going on their fourth shoot for the competition, Jerrica panicked and had to be talked to by Kimber who said that she would quit the band this time if they did not manage to get a video in for the competition. Returning to the set, Jerrica overheard the band members talking about how Jerrica's issues were hindering the band.

Jerrica drove home by herself where the storm rebooted the systems for Synergy, a holographic computer created by Emmett Benton. Synergy gave Benton her birthday present from her father- Jemstar Earrings that allowed her to create holograms anywhere she went. Kimber, Aja, and Shana arrived and met Synergy. Synergy then showed the four that there was a secret room under the house. Jerrica decided to use the holograms to become a new singer alter-ego- Jem.[1]


Dark Jem


Enter the Stingers

Primax 1013.11 Gamma (Unit:E)

Jerrica Benton was a famous singer who, according to Synergy, was destined to become known as Jem.[2]

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