Joe (Human) (Primax)

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Joe is a human from the Primax Cluster. Click here for similar characters.

Joe is an American who works for a power plant.

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Note: In Primax 785.06 Alpha and related universes, the events that take place in 1984 CE of Primax 984.17 Alpha instead take place in 1985 CE.

Joe (right) and his co-worker (left) observing their destroyed power-plant, 1984 CE.

In 1984 CE, Joe and a co-worker went to the power plant they worked at and found it destroyed as it had been stripped by the Decepticons for materials earlier . They were then attacked by Ravage. Joe and his co-worker managed to flee from the Decepticon.[1]

Reference Notes

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