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Jonathan Slattery is a human from the Primax cluster.

Jonathan Slattery, also known as Liquidator, is a chemist employed by the United States in the Earth Corps to deal with underground threats.

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Liquidator making contact with the Redwoods in Big Sur National Forest, 1992 CE.

In 1992 CE, Dr. Jonathan M. "Liquidator" Slattery was a member of the Earth Corps and a chemist who studied arcane sciences. The Earth Corps would later uncover what was believed to be a dinosaur skeleton encased in an amber monolith in the Big Sur National Forest and extracted the artifact and brought it to the Shore Museum in San Francisco despite the fact that Slattery warned that there was unusual energy readings from the artifact. At the museum, the Earth Corps members were honored at a ceremony. However, the skeleton was actually the Inhumanoid D'Compose and Tendril also attacked the city, leading to a battle. Slattery fought D'Compose and Tendril to save Sandra Shore. The battle ended with the disappearance of Tendril and D'Compose.

At the Earth Corps headquarters, Slattery found evidence of the Inhumanoids in the 12th Century CE though no one paid him heed. When the Earth Corps held a meeting for what they needed to do, Slattery was deployed to the Big Sur National Forest to find answers. While at the forest, Slatery came under attack by Redwoods. However, the Redwoods detected that Slattery had no ill-intent and instead told him of the war between the Inhumanoids and the Mutores. Upon learning that Inhumanoid leader Metlar was to be rescued, Slattery vowed to stop him from returning.

Liquidator returned to headquarters where the Earth Corps decided to stop the Inhumanoids from freeing Metlar. At that moment, Tendril attacked the base.[1]

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