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At some point, General Joseph Colton was replaced with a Dire Wraith on Earth who led efforts to further the Wraith agenda on the planet.

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Primax 1009.15 Gamma (IDW G1 Comics)

At some point, a Dire Wraith replaced General Joseph Colton, a member of the United States Army, the leader of the former Adventure Team, and the later leader of G.I. Joe. He kept an eye on things going on on Earth, including having fellow false G.I. Joe Dire Wriaths agents handling the threat of Rom in northern California in 2016 CE. Shortly following Optimus Prime's annexation of Earth, the false Colton met with Lieutenant Shana O'Hara and Miles Manheim in Washington, D.C. to discuss the fact that Ore-13 was detonating across the planet. Colton gave Manheim the responsibility of defeating the Cybertronians, who they blamed the Ore-13 destruction on[1]. Later, Colton covertly bought Deepwave Technologies, a new establishment that was working on the Axiom suit that Colton felt could be used to combat Rom. He went to the company headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and broke in. He went with fellow Wraith agents Riggins and Kohl. They spoke to the owners of the company, Aaron Grundy and Caleb Awan. In actuality, Awan too was a Wraith operative under Colton's command. Awan said that the suit was failing, but Colton brought Ore-13 to help power the suit. Grundy tested it and it went well. The Wraith agents attacked the suit to test its ability. The suit defeated the Wraiths and Colton was impressed. He then took out Grundy to turn him into a Wraith agent himself. They took him underground and locked him in a Bio-Web. There, they infected him with Wraith biology and converted him to their side to take out Rom. During their battle, Colton called Axiom back since he needed him. However, this allowed Rom to learn of Colton's involvment.[2]

A six months later, Colton ordered some G.I. Joe agents to investigate the Ore-13 situation at Mount Olympus in Greece. This was done in secret from the main G.I. Joe, as this had to do with Colton's Wraith agenda. Later,the President of the United States came to Colton and complained when Mount Olympus was destroyed by Ore-13. Lieutenant O'Hara arrived, expressing the intention of taking out the Cybertronians. They went to Portland, Oregon and developed a field base to take on the nearby Cybertronians. Colton was informed that Action Man found dead G.I. Joe agents at Mount Olympus, and this fueled O'Hara's anger more and he continued to spark the flames as O'Hara, taking the code name Scarlett, led the attack on the Autobots in Portland. He himself then participated in the battle against the Autobots. Suddenly, Rom flew into the battlefield. Panicked, Colton ordered G.I. Joe to focus fire on Rom, but Rom annihilated him[3].

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