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Primax -408.24 Epsilon (Shattered Glass)

Kaon exists.[1]

Primax 207.0 Epsilon (Classics)

Kaon was a city on Cybertron that served as a major Decepticon city.[2]

Primax 209.0 Gamma (Beast Wars: Uprising)

Kaon was a city that bordered Kalis and Uraya. Much fighting was seen in Kaon in 2384 CE during the Grand Uprising as the city served as a place where the Resistance made advances against the Builders.[3]

Primax 302.06 Gamma (Dreamwave G1)

In 9 MYA, Kaon was a city in southern Cybertron. The populace of Kaon was against the Autobot High Council and also had developed the Smelting Pools which were used to melt down citizens of Cybertron, giving the city a poor reputation among the rest of Cybertron. Megatron worked to establish the Decepticon movement before the Great War and in 8.7 MYA, Megatron launched an attack that seized the city and began the Great War.[4]

During the Great War, in 7.4 MYA, Optimus Prime and Megatron disappeared in a Space Bridge accident, beginning the Dark Ages.[5][6]

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comics)

Four million years ago, Kaon was considered the worst place on Cybertron despite being the location of the headquarters of the Autobot Security Services. Following the Orbiting Mining Outpost C-12 Revolt, the fleeing revolt survivors fled in to the underground of Kaon to avoid the Senate.[7] The Forge would be based in Kaon and this would evolve into the armed forces of the Decepticons. Finally, Megatron launched an attack on Kaon and took the city, beginning the Second Cybertronian Civil War.[8][9][10] Megatron would later maintain a headquarters in Kaon in the form of his fortress of Kolkular.[11] Following the Decepticon defeat in Iacon in 4 MYA, Decepticon hold of Kaon faltered though control was swiftly taken back.[12]

Locations of significance:

  • Security Services Headquarters
  • Jump Joint
  • Kolkular
  • Wreckage Row

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