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Uniend 911.05 Alpha (Aligned Universe)

The city of Kaon was built on a plateau three times larger than Iacon and was the industrial center for Cybertron. As a result, its population was dominated by the lower casts. Being an industrial center, Kaon was smokey and dark. During the Age of Rust, gladiator combat began to flourish in the city. It was from these pits that the gladiator nicknamed Megatron formed the Decepticons against the High Council. Megatron created a large pyramid headquarters in Kaon which would become the city's prison.[1] Kolkular would replace it as his headquarters.[2]

Kaon also had a network of tunnels underneath the city. These tunnels were partly connected to the Underworld. Deep underneath Kaon was the Vector Sigma.[3]

Kaon served as the capital of the Decepticons during the Great War after Megatron seized it. As a consequence, Kaon saw much fighting. Kaon contributed to the war effort by creating weapons and serving as a hub for experimental labs. Kaon served as a large prison complex and executed many of its Autobot prisoners.[4] It also was the location of experiments on the Dark Spark until it was expelled from the universe.[5] Towards the end of the Cybertron phase of the war, the tunnels under the city were used to create a Space Bridge to Earth under the command of Starscream, though the Autobots sabotaged it.[6]

During the Modern Age, Vector Sigma was uncovered by Jack Darby.[7] the city would finally fall back into Autobot hands following the end of the war.[8] The city was repopulated and became a successful hub of civilization protected by its police department under the command of Bumblebee.

Locations of interest:

  • Kaon Prison
  • Cybertron History Museum
  • Kolkular

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