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Hraal Karza is an Aegis-6-er from the Primax Cluster.

Baron Karza

Leading the Ministry of Defense with an iron fist, Baron Hraal Karza has ambitions beyond his already powerful station. Ruthless and driven by his passion for power, Baron Karza's warmongering has caused him to cross paths with the Micronauts.

Primax 405.17 Gamma (Aw Yeah Revolution!)

Baron Karza and his brother Andromeda lived in Microspace. Karza himself was a well-known villain in Microspace and was infamous for always causing trouble, landing him with several encounters with the Micronauts. However, in his private life, Baron Karza kept a collection of his favorite heroes and read comic books. Snake Eyes in particular was a favorite of his.

Baron Karza sought out the ultimate power in the universe which was the Orbsah Gem which was located on Earth. With the power of this ancient artifact, Baron Karza believed he could conquer the universe. Planning with Andromeda, Baron Karza declared the commencement of the Aw Yeah Revolution. Baron Karza teleported to an asteroid where Rom was fighting Dire Wraiths and kidnapped Rom. Karza then went to Earth and abducted Snake Eyes during the middle of a confrontation between Cobra and G.I. Joe. Karza teleported within the mountain that housed the Orbsah Gem on Earth and took it, triggering an earthquake. While the Autobots and Decepticons who were engaging in battle near the mountain began a retreat, Baron Karza kidnapped Optimus Prime.

Returning to Microspace, Baron Karza had Rom, Snake Eyes, and Optimus Prime trapped within energy bubbles and revealed his plan to use the Orbsah Gem to acquire Rom's space tracking abilities, Optimus Prime's transforming abilities, and Snake Eyes's 'coolness.' With these powers, Karza would be able to control the universe.[1]

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Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1 Comic)

Microspace's Minister of Defense

Hraal Karza was born on the desert world of Aegis-6 and trained by the militaristic Sandmen when he was young. A member of the mercenary caste, Karza rose through the ranks quickly. As a militarist, Hraal had the philosophy that imposing totalitarian order was a necessary evil to secure goals.

Baron Karza (center) with Red Falcon (right) and Baron Daegon (left)

When Kronos rebelled against the Microspace Empire, Karza served as part of the Sandmen who were contracted to defend the Emperor. It was here that the Emperor found interest and Karza and had the young warrior made to be a member of his elite guard. Within a few years with the Emperor, Baron Hraal Karza had become the Minister of Defense. For years, he fought on the behalf of the Sagittarion and defeated every dissenter for the Empire. He was made a member of the ruling class and made his home at Vaeris on the Imperial Homeworld in the Wyvern Cluster.

As Minister of Defense, Baron Karza had his former Sandmen allies undergo genetic and behavioral modifications to become the first generation of Acroyear soldiers. Around this time, Baron Karza fell in love with the Mistress of Spies Shazraella who was betrothed to Red Falcon, the son of the Emperor. They became lovers in secret and was thrilled by her life of secrecy.

When the Entropy Cloud was unleashed on Microspace, the Empire began to fracture. Even still, Baron Karza stood by the side of the Emperor. As anti-Pharoid sentiment grew within the Empire due to the Entropy Cloud, Pharoid temples were occupied. Baron Karza served under Red Falcon in a campaign to liberate a Pharoid temple where Red Falcon discovered the temple for the Time Travelers. While Red Falcon became obsessed with them, Baron Karza refused to allow himself to fall to their influence.

As Red Falcon continued to talk what was perceived as madness, Baron Karza spoke with Baron Daegon of the Ministry of Science, but Daegon refused to partake in the conspiracy. Later, Shazraella came to him and persuaded him to take out Red Falcon. Karza and Shazraella created a poison that Karza later used on Red Falcon, assassinating him.[2] Karza and Shazraella would be wed. They would eventually have a daughter named Larissa, though she would end up being lost to them.

After the death of Red Falcon, the Emperor continued to become more and more mad. As Baron Karza realized that the Emperor could not properly defend against the Entropy Cloud, he, Baron Daegon, and Shazraella placed the Emperor in suspended animation for his health. Baron Daegon and Baron Karza jointly ruled the Council of Worlds, but the differing ideas over how the handle the Entropy Cloud led to the two distrusting the other and eventually sparked the Microspace Civil War between the two of them.

Baron Karza observing the Entropy Cloud, Mobile Ministry of Defense Outpost

After years of fighting in which Baron Karza and Baron Daegon fought personally in the field of battle many a time, Baron Karza would be posted on the Mobile Ministry of Defense Outpost on the perimeter of the Entropy Cloud in Microspace and was in charge of efforts to research the Cloud complete with parties that were lost to the Cloud, causing him to pull his forces back. His wife Shazraella was also stationed with him on the station.[3] His wife would later report that the Ministry of Science's Valtricos Research Station had been destroyed and that his Acroyear forces were unable to secure a sample of the bio-weapons from the station and that Baron Daegon defeated his forces. As Baron Karza began to question if his wife had an agent within Daegon's ranks, he fell under attack by an assassin. After suspecting that Shazraella allowed the assassin in, Shazraella reported that Daegon had taken the group that raided the Valtricos Research Station into custody, including a Pharoid.[4]

Later, Shazraella and Karza looked back on their past. Karza then received a duplicate of his helmet from the Entropy Cloud. This caused him to believe that the Entropy Cloud was a rift in time rather than a destructive singularity.[5] Finally, Karza mobilized his forces to engage Baron Daegon's forces in order to secure the Pharoid to learn more of the Entropy Cloud and then began his assault.[6] During the battle, the Baron requested to see his wife to keep an eye on her though she had requested to not be disturbed.[7] Karza later joined the battle personally and fought Baron Daegon one-on-one until his was notified that the Pharoid was escaping and fleeing into the Entropy Cloud. Karza jumped into the Entropy Cloud after the Pharoid and his ship.[8]

Invasion of Primax 1005.19 Gamma

Inside the Entropy Cloud, Baron Karza's perception of time was confused. As he went through the cloud, he found races he believed to be killed by the cloud like the Reptos. Lost in time, Baron Karza was left wandering through the Entropy Cloud for millennia. The Time Travelers eventually came to Karza and wanted him to serve as their agent in ending the Entropy Cloud. They explained that the Entropy Cloud was their doing as one of their own was tainted and became the Cloud. To prepare Karza, they showed him his whole past and his whole future, including the need to sacrifice Larissa to succeed. They put Baron Karza on the path to find the body of Micronus Prime from the outer universe that Microspace was within, Primax 1005.19 Gamma. Karza spent some time trying to learn Micronus's secrets through conventional means before finally enerchanging with him. Though he felt his identity slipping away, Baron Karza learned that Micronus was the Space Bridge that could be used to move people from Microspace to Primax 1005.19 Gamma so that they might survive. He also learned that their universe was created by the old Cybertronian. Baron Karza continued to research the Entropy Cloud from Micronus Prime, wandering his body for years and Karza finally made contact with Earth of Primax 1005.19 Gamma. Learning that the planet Earth in that universe had a powerful ore called Ore-13 that could control the Entropy Cloud as a weapon to create order, he collaborated with the human Miles "Mayhem" Manheim to extract the Ore-13 from Earth by warping it to Micronus Prime and assuring that Mayhem would rule Earth following Karza's extraction of the ore.

Baron Karza being destroyed in the Battle of Autobot City, Earth, 2016 CE, Primax 1005.19 Gamma

This made the planet unstable but Karza viewed this as an acceptable loss.[9] After all the years of work, the Pharoid Oziron Rael and his ship arrived and Karza greeted them, [10] all the while Karza kept an eye on the various figures of Primax 1005.19 Gamma who could stop his and Manheim's operations.[11] Karza also tried to convince the Micronauts to help him save Microspace.

Miles Mayhem later contacted Karza and told him that their plans needed to wait as the transferring of Ore-13 was damaging the planet. Enraged, Karza activated a Space Bridge from Micronus Prime which caused a large amount of Ore-13 to flow into the region (as the Bridge linked to Autobot City's Ore-13 cache.) The unstable Ore-13 exploded upon arrival and the Micronauts took the opportunity to escape into Primax 1005.19 Gamma.[12]

Mayhem later opened the Space Bridge again and Baron Karza crossed over into Autobot City where a large battle was taking place. In order to combat the Earth defenders, Baron Karza enerchanged with a Dire Wraith force and the Human/Wraith Hybrid Axiom.[13] During the battle, Mayhem turned against Karza and Baron Karza was seemingly destroyed when the Space Bridge was destroyed.[14]

However, Karza survived the ordeal and was thrown back into Microspace. He joined up with his Ministry of Defense forces and prepared for another operation to save Microspace.[15] Crossing over to Primax 1005.19 Gamma once more, Baron Karza used his Ministry of Defense forces to neutralize M.A.S.K.. and G.I. Joe. Baron Karza personally enerchanged with Micronus Prime before facing Optimus Prime's Autobots, defeating them at Monument Valley. Karza then met up with his wife and his army at the Ministry of Defense Mobile Operations Base in New York City and talked about the past while scheming to destroy the Micronauts.[16] Baron Karza had a team under the command of Membros to find the Micronauts and bring them to him. While they engaged the Micronauts, Karza continued to speak with his wife and observe his army and explained to his wife that he didn't want to kill humanity as he believed that killing wasn't necessary for conquering. A member of Membros's forces arrived and reported that all but Microtron and Larissa were captured as the two were believed dead. In a gesture of frustration, Karza killed the soldier but came to terms with the fact that to conquer, he must kill.[17]

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Primax 1013.11 Gamma (Unit:E)

Baron Karza waged war against the Micronauts.[18]

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