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Lamont Morris is a human from the Primax cluster.

Lamont Morris, better known by his code name Heavy Duty, is a member of G.I. Joe and proficient in sub machine guns and other heavy ordnance. He is also the cousin of Marvin Hinton, also known as Roadblock.

Primax 1005.19 Gamma (IDW G1)

Heavy Duty on his first G.I. Joe mission in Nevada, 2005 CE.

In 2005 CE, Lamont Morris was recruited into G.I. Joe under the code name of Heavy Duty with a specialization as a heavy machine gunner from the infantry. He was brought to the Nevada-Utah border by his commanding officer Hawk or sent him to deal with tax resistors who were robbing a bank with the goal of finding his headquarters. Heavy Duty took his machine gun Emma with him. After dealing with most of the resistors, the last one ran away. Heavy Duty joined Hawk in pursuing him north to Nevada.[1] They continued to pursue the criminals until they managed to track them by satellite, tracking them down to their base in an abandoned military installation. Hawk and Heavy Duty then went to the Las Vegas Motel where the agents Duke, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes were as well as Rock 'n Roll and Breaker.

Hawk briefed the unit on tax resistors that he believed as linked to the terrorist Chimera. They later watched the news where Chimera stole military equipment and later money. In order to stop Chimera once and for all, Hawk deployed the Joes under the field command of Duke and made the unit operational.

They dropped down in the desert in Nevada where they eventually found strange markings in the sand and evidence that Chimera had a female hostage. Shortly after loosing communications with Hawk, they found a control panel in a cactus and decided to storm the compound anyway.[2]

As G.I. Joe was making the Pit their new headquarters, Heavy Duty was present when the Joes assembled for a visit by General Joseph Colton.[3]

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