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Lance Steinberg is a human from the Primax cluster.

Lance J. Steinberg, better known by his alias Clutch, is a member of G.I. Joe.

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Primax 984.0 Gamma (Marvel US)

In 1982 CE, Lance J. Steinberg was a member of G.I. Joe named Clutch and was trained and used the VAMP[1].

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

In 1983 CE, Clutch was a member of G.I. Joe and was present at the G.I. Joe Headquarter Command Center when Cobra Commander hacked the monitors of the world and stole the Eiffel Tower through the M.A.S.S. Device and ordered the governments of Earth to surrender.

Clutch later fought in New England to secure the scientist Dr. Laszlo Vandermeer for G.I. Joe, engaging Major Bludd's Cobra forces. The Joes were ultimately successful.[2]

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