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Hector Ramirez is a human from the Primax cluster.

Hector Ramirez is a news reporter.

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Hector Ramirez was a star reporter for the TV Magazine Twenty Questions. In 1985 CE, he met his staff member Arnold who fed him lies about the G.I. Joe-Cobra War being false for government spending. However, Arnold was actually the Cobra agent Baroness in disguise with the mission of lowering G.I. Joe morale and public support.

Ramirez set off with his crew and entered a restricted area to report on the G.I. Joe training exercises while criticizing the unit. Upon request, Ramirez and his crew were taken into Duke's officer at G.I. Joe Headquarters Command Center and waited for the field commander in his office. During the wait, Flint assigned Shipwreck the duty of giving the crew a tour of the base. When Ramirez and Arnold continued to assert that Cobra was a fake, Shipwreck detected Cobra activity in the Rocky Mountains and decided to take the crew there. However, the group was shot down by Cobra and eventually captured by Zartan and the Dreadnoks. Arriving at the camp, Arnold revealed himself to actually be the Baroness and Ramirez was brought to Cobra Commander himself and the group was informed that Cobra intended to get their hands on chemical weapons developed by the United States in the region. Shipwreck, Ramirez, and his cameraman were set to be executed via a large drill by Cobra when Ramirez made Cobra Commander stop the execution by offering an interview.

Ramirez interviewed Cobra Commander (though he had difficulty in staying awake through the Commander's monologueing). However, a G.I. Joe attack allowed Ramirez and his cameraman to be rescued and Ramirez was eager to report on the battle and had changed his outlook on G.I. Joe entirely.[1]

Hector Ramirez later reported on the escalating tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union after a Oktober Guard jet was stolen by a submarine.[2]

Ramirez later reported when it appeared that G.I. Joe agent Dusty had turned against the United States and had joined Cobra.[3]

In 1986 CE, following the crash of an American prototype bomber AR-90A Ghost over the Aleutian Islands and the reports from the pilots Frank Sullivan and Ron Michaels that they had come under fire by unidentified aircraft, Ramirez made a deal with G.I. Joe to expose Cobra for shooting down the plane. Ramirez pre-recorded an introduction in his studio before moving to a C-5A Cargo plane escorted by G.I. Joe Conquests and conducted a debate between G.I. Joe members General Hawk and Lady Jaye and Cobra members Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and Dr. Mindbender. As the debate went on, Ramirez reported live when Sullivan and Michaels were rescued by G.I. Joe forces and later revealed that he was on the plane and exposed when Cobra forces moved in to take the 2nd Ghost. Once the interview was over and upon landing on the ground, Ramirez got statements from Franklin.[4]

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