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Earth, a planet located in the Solar System, is the home of the human race and is often a pivotal location for various wars throughout the Multiverse. Typically, Earth is divided into nation states before ultimately becoming a global government with the ability to reach out into space. Geographically, the planet is mostly water with continents across the planet. These continents include North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Earth has a varied climate with some parts of the planet being desert, tundra, temperate and tropical, mountainous, or more. It's this varied climate and terrain that creates a large biodiversity on the planet.

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Earth in the Primax cluster

Primax 984.17 Alpha (US G1 Cartoon)

Located in the Solar System, Earth would be observed and protected by the Vok who seeded the planet with Energon as well as various defensive weaponry.[1] Through much of Earth's early years, dinosaurs walked the planet until their eventual extinction. Earth was first discovered by other cultures when the Decepticon Cybertronian scientists Starscream and Skyfire found the planet in 9 MYA, though Skyfire would end up marooned in the Arctic Circle.[2] This was not the end of Cybertronian activity on Earth. In 4 MYA, a battle between the Autobot ship Ark and the Decepticon Nemesis resulted in the two ships crashing onto the planet.[3]

Later on, Earth was largely populated by the humanoid civilization of Cobra-La. However, after millions of years, homo sapiens began to develop on the planet after the era of cold known as the Ice Age. This forced Cobra-La into hiding though they would remain active in their ultimate agenda to one day take back the planet.[4] In 180,000 BCE, the Cybertronian Maximals and Predacons arrived on the planet from 315 AU, starting the Beast Wars.[5] The Beast Wars saw the Vok presence on Earth weaken significantly with their defenses on Earth destroyed. However, the Maximals managed to protect and aid both the evolving humanity and the unconscious combatants on the Ark.

As Earth developed, many different species evolved. While humanity spread out across the planet, other forms of monsters spawned including ancient monsters who divided into two factions, the Mutores and the Inhumanoids who went to war in the 12th Century CE. As a result of the war, humanity developed a fear of monsters while the creatures went into hiding.[6]

In 1983 CE, Cobra-La began its efforts to take back the planet by sending a nobleman named Cobra Commander to lead a terrorist organization called Cobra. This resulted in a war between Cobra and the G.I. Joe unit that was fought for roughly a decade.[7] In 1984 CE, the Autobots and Decepticons on the Ark awoke and turned Earth into one of the many fronts of the war. During the conflict, Cybertron was brought into Earth's atmosphere for a moment as part of a Decepticon scheme.[8] In the 1990s, after Cobra had largely been defeated, Earth found itself attacked by the return of the Inhumanoids from under the surface, though the Earth Corps helped put a stop to them.[9]

The decades spent with the Transformers eventually led to the humans of Earth becoming much more technologically advanced. While the Autobots were allowed to use Earth for energy through the hydro-powered Autobot City, the Autobots assisted in the creation of the Earth Defense Command, the spearhead of Earth's efforts to move to the stars. The EDC was able to create space stations as well as manned outposts on Mars, Pluto, and even outside of the Solar System near Goo 8739B and after 2007 CE, humanity had reached a point where space travel was an inexpensive method of transportation from planet to planet.[10]

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